10 Best Hydraulic Tube Benders

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Aluminum, steel, and stainless-steel tubing are not sold in shapes, but your project may need that tubing manipulated into angles. That is the job of a hydraulic tube bender. The best benders make it easy to get an accurate angle that leaves the tube smooth, kink-free, and without any damage. They will have a choice of multiple dies to fit the tubes. The best tube benders are also solidly made to withstand the heavy-duty pressure of every job.  Some, but not all, hydraulic tube benders also shape PVC pipes. Here are 10 of the best hydraulic tube benders you can buy and the features that make them great.

EZ BEND Tube Bender 5000

The EZ BEND Tube Bender 5000 is a heavy-duty product ideal for automotive and mechanical work. This full-size tube bender has a 5.0-horsepower motor. It features semiautomatic operation and wheels to move it around the workspace. The user has a foot pedal to preset the angle. Once the angle is reached, the bender resets back to the starting position. This machine is great for fast bends and repeating bends. The EZ BEND Tube Bender 5000 works with a variety of die sizes to match the tube and the angle. It also features manual end forming so that the tube is ready to be installed.

Edward Hydraulic Tube Bender

The Edward Hydraulic Tube Bender is a high-performing bender that makes 180-degree bends in pipes up to 2 inches in diameter. This bender has a 5.0-horsepower motor, is outfitted on a rolling stand, and can be used in either a horizontal or a vertical position.

The BIG RED Torin Hydraulic T31202 Pipe/Tube Bender

The Torin T31202 is manufactured from durable steel. It sits on adjustable rollers and has six cast iron dies for getting that proper bend. This machine makes 90-degree bends. The manufacturer recommends it for tubes and pipes from 1/2 inch to 2 inches in diameter. It is considered an excellent choice for bending steel tubes and water pipes. It is not recommended for bending electrical conduit.

Xtremepower US 16 Ton Hydraulic Bender

This bender can apply up to 16 tons of force to make an angle. It comes with eight dies and can make a 180-degree angle. The hydraulic system is operated by a hand pump. The manufacturer says this bender works on most metal tubes and pipes and is very well suited to construction work as well as to road and bridge building.

KAKA Industrial HB-8 

The KAKA Industrial HB-8 is a sturdy and stable bender in a roll cage tube that offers up to 8 tons of pressure. The hydraulic system is hand operated. The included dies bend pipes from 3/4 inch to 1 3/4 inch. This machine makes 90-degree bends and is designed to keep the tube from flattening.

Ridgid 38048 Model 608 Heavy Duty Tubing Bender

The Ridgid Heavy Duty Tubing Bender combines hydraulics with lightness and portability. It has extra-long 16-inch handles that never cross even while it bends tubes from 90 to 180 degrees. This bender handles tubing up to 1/2 inch in diameter.

Goplus 12 Ton Heavy Duty Hydraulic Tube Bender

This bender is built on a solid, heavy-duty base with a weight capacity of up to 12 tons. The Goplus Heavy Duty can bend tubes of pipes up to 2 inches in diameter up to 180 degrees. It comes with six dies and adjustable bending bars.

Pro-Tools HB-302 One-Shot Bender

This is a portable bender that can handle tubing up to 2 inches wide. It operates on an air/hydraulic system or an electric/hydraulic system. This bender is designed to easily create a 90-degree angle in one single stroke without scratching the metal at all. Because of its size and shape, this bender is recommended for working on stairs.

SWAG Off Road Tubing Roller “HULK”

The SWAG Off Road Tubing Roller is a heavyweight machine with the option of more than 65 different die sizes. This bender has a digital display that makes it easy to do repeated rolls very quickly. The machine is designed to keep the tube from rolling during the bending process. The SWAG Off Road Tubing Roller is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States.

Mopohorn Manual Pipe Tube Bender

The Mopohorn Manual Pipe Tube Bender is a lightweight choice that is very portable. It comes with seven dies and is designed to make flexible angle bends. The manufacturer describes it as easy to operate and notes that it can be mounted onto a truck, tractor, or concrete floor.

When it comes to selecting the best tube bender for you, peek into the future. If you make an investment in a bender, you want it to be a machine that you can use for some time to come. Think about your current needs and whether you need a bender for an occasional project or for mass production. Then think about how often you will be using it a year or two or three down the road.

Does your tube bender need to be portable, or will it stay in the same spot every day? Check the machine specifications to see if your tube bender is a good match for the materials you use most often. With a little research, you are sure to find a tube bender that will be strong, durable, accurate and easy to use for your projects.