10 Best Tools for Teachers and Students

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10 Best Tools for Teachers and Students – Technology is one of the things today that helps to access quality education more easily which both serves learners and educators all over the globe Online Learning Platform are perfect examples. The emergence of various educational tools allows every student to maximize their potential and achieve all the academic goals they want.

So, what tools can be both useful for teachers and students? What are these powerful instruments which give both learner and educator the opportunity to supplement learning in the most crucial ways? Below, are the best tools you can use.

Online Learning Under Quarantine

Online learning has become increasingly popular since the advent of the global coronavirus pandemic. This is not only true for students pursuing their studies online, but also for many adults. Some of these people are merely sitting at home in isolation or even quarantine because of the Covid-19 outbreak and use technological advancements in learning as a means to pass the time with online learning. Many students are turning to online learning as a means to keep up with their studies even as schools are closed. Some people resort to online learning merely because they are now unemployed and seeking other work opportunities, perhaps even working online.

1. TutorsClass

If you think, you haven’t got enough knowledge from school, this Online Learning Platform can be a huge arena for distance learning. TutorsClass is a web-based tool which encourages students to take lessons in the convenience of their own home. This will serve both students who want to get an online class and teachers who want to teach online. Bear in mind, this is not a free online platform; a teacher has to receive payments from students.

2. Smore

This tool can work for both parties as this is an online solution for creating fascinating flyers and newsletters. For students who have joined different clubs and organizations in the school, it can be useful to create posters and Smore will make you look like a pro. For teachers who have announcements, there are different designs from Smore to catch student’s attention instead of just plain white background.

3. Remind101

In terms of the academic performance of students, parents should be the first to know the overall performance. Sometimes, teachers are having difficulty connecting with parents, but not anymore. Remind101 can be a highly effective tool for communication between teachers and students, as well as between teachers and parents. The good news is that it is easy to set up and it allows sending important messages in a quick way.

4. EvolutionWriters

Custom essay writings are a popular phenomenon these days. This particular tool is designed to help students with academic papers if they are stuck. EvolutionWriters unites a big number of qualified writers and educators who are willing to solve students’ academic issues for a set price. They can help with all kinds of papers, starting with a small essay and finishing with a complicated dissertation topic.

5. Google Forms

If there is the best tool to give tasks to your students, receive homework from them, grading these tasks or even communicating when not in school, Google forms can be your best buddy. Make sure everyone has a Gmail account, you cannot use the tool without it.

6. Polldaddy

This is an online solution for evaluation if you are a teacher and want to see if your teaching strategy is good enough for your students. You can create a survey for your students to take online. With this, it is easier for you to know what’s on their mind.

7. Socrative

If you want to create a more engaging, interesting and fun class, Socrative can help. This online tool enables you to utilize various educational games and exercises which can be accessed on their own gadgets.

8. Edmodo

Similar to some famous social networking sites, Edmodo helps to connect teachers, students and even parents in a deeper sense. A teacher has the power to create online groups and provide educational materials, academic performance results, and communicate with parents about progress and issues.

9. Project

Teachers often use presentations. Students are also asked to make a presentation. Both parties need an effective tool to accomplish that and thanks to Project, there is one. This platform allows teachers and students to generate presentations with fascinating slides where you can add interacting activities to make the whole lesson worth discussing.

10. Adobe Spark

How to make a cover page – With this tool, both learners and teachers can generate social graphics, pages, and cam-recordings. Try to explore more of this if you are into creating videos for the class or for personal purposes.

Due to technological advancement, both students and teachers can benefit from this new age. There are tools they can use to achieve academic results. For teachers, the class is becoming more and more interesting and engaging which helps the student to learn more effectively. As for students, they are more cooperative and interactive due to the usage of various tools and instruments.