10 Daily Struggles of People Who Wear Glasses

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The dread of tripping over and breaking your glasses is real; people that must wear glasses daily will be able to relate to this. Eyeglasses are a savior when you have weak eyesight. People who struggle with poor vision know the horror they go through every day to correctly see the world. Healthy vision and perfect sight is a great blessing. 

Wearing glasses every day brings with it a load of struggles. Add to it the unnerving monthly trips you must make to optometrists Sydney for a regular eye checkup. In this article, we will highlight a few efforts you might have to put in while wearing spectacles. 

The Difficulty of Lying Down with Glasses:

Have you ever experienced accidentally dozing off while wearing your glasses? You wake up, shocked to see your glasses, sticking out, half-way squashed under your face. People who must continually wear specs know the inconvenience. It is also worrying because you do not want to risk breaking your glasses. How else would you go on without them? It is not a pleasant situation to be in when not wearing your glasses pretty much makes you feel like a person with zero vision. Therefore, making sure you take your spectacles off before you head to bed is a daily effort. 

People Think They Can Conveniently Try Out Your Glasses:

One thing people with a proper vision love doing is trying out other people’s glasses. One thing people who wear glasses do not like is other people asking them for it. It is a struggle; when someone asks you to try out your specs and you in fear of sounding rude, do not say no. 

Standing awkwardly while other people wonder how you see through these big vision glasses is a tad bit embarrassing. Responding sheepishly to remarks such as whether you go blind without your lenses is a daily struggle for bespectacled individuals. 

Being Told You Look Better without Glasses:

Glasses are a part of the identity of people who wear them. Your spectacles aid you in functioning appropriately; hence, it is an essential part of your personality. However, you might look entirely different from people who are used to seeing you with glasses. 

Often, people who wear spectacles get criticisms about how different or better they look without them. Such comments are a struggle because people who wear goggles want to look their best with them. Eyeglasses are a considerable part of their overall look, and they cannot imagine their appearance without them. 

Putting On Eye Makeup Is A Waste:

If you are someone who loves putting on makeup, you would know how amazing a well-done eye-makeup looks. Also, the best part of make-up is doing your eyes, and all the different looks to match your outfit. But what fun if, at the end of it all, you must put on your spectacles? 

Not being able to flaunt your amazing eye-makeup skills is one major struggle for people who must wear glasses. It is such a disappointment when you must spoil your entire look by wearing glasses to avoid tripping over and causing yourself a bigger shock. 

When Your Spectacles Fog Up:

Remember the last time you drank a hot cup of coffee, and saw your spectacles fog up? It happens because of condensation. When water vapors land on a cold surface, they tend to cool down and turn into tiny droplets of water. These small drops form a layer that we see as the fog on our glass lens.

Hence, when you pull a cup of coffee close to take a sip, the steam from the hot coffee forms as fog on your spectacles. This fog is often a struggle since the wearer would have to pull off the glasses and wipe them off. It might just be necessary to be able to see correctly and not look funny wearing fogged glasses. 

Do We Put Them on Our Glasses? –  The Struggle With 3-D Movie Goggles:

I recall sitting down for a movie with a bespectacled friend and seeing her struggle with how to put a pair of 3-D eyeglasses over her spectacles. People who wear glasses know the trouble they must go through every time they do any activity that involves putting on activity-related goggles. Having to wear swimming goggles to go for a dive is a similar example. It is always a struggle to manage to wear a pair of glasses over another. However, wearing contact lenses might help you with this problem. 

Finding Yourself A New Pair Is A Stressful Task:

Selecting a pair of glasses is not that simple. If you think people who wear glasses pick a pair randomly, then you are incredibly wrong. Getting yourself spectacles is a difficult job. You must choose the ones that suit your face appropriately and go with your overall personality. It is vital since you will be carrying them pretty much everywhere you go. 

Also, it is essential keeping in mind that you will have to wear the same pair in official meetings as well as casual outings. You could carry a single set of glasses for all situations. However, you could also keep a pair for the work and one for casual setups. Nonetheless, investing time and efforts to make the right pick is a daunting struggle. 

When Your Glasses Get Wet in The Rain:

Going out in the rain with your glasses on is a worrying job. Making sure your glasses stay dry and provide you with a proper vision is near to impossible. The raindrops will wet your lenses and cloud your eyesight, making you wish someone would produce wipers for your glasses, just like the ones your car has. 

Going to The Gym with the Glasses On:

Imagine having to do push-ups while wearing spectacles. The trickling sweat and the workout will make sure your goggles slide down your nose with every move. Working out in the gym with your eyeglasses is a massive struggle. Making sure your glasses don’t slide down while struggling with the challenging exercises is undoubtedly going to make you wish you had a proper vision.

When People Assume You Are Nerdy:

It is quite a common misconception that people who wear glasses must be good at studies or nerdy. Let us clear it out for you; it is not valid. People who wear glasses wear them because they have faulty eyesight not because they are brilliant. One struggle bespectacled people go through is the assumption that since they wear glasses, they might have some long-lost relation to Einstein. 


To sum it up, glasses provide people with poor eyesight, a fantastic way to cover up their deficiency. It is an excellent aid for people who struggle with poor vision. However, putting on a pair of eyeglasses brings with it an entirely new lifestyle, which is often marred with a few difficult struggles.