10 Shopping Tips To Save Money At Outlet Malls & Factory Stores

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Who hasn’t tempted by the thrill of a good bargain? Everyone, for sure! 

When it comes to shopping, we all become passionate bargain shoppers. We truly enjoy making footprints to various stores and outlets to find exciting deals and offers and save burning our pockets.

However, the issue arises when it seems a fantastic place to take benefits from the deals actually ends up being a spending trap. This is especially true when there are so-called deals that are not actually worth the money. In fact, the shopping fanatics at outlet malls know not everything on sale means it’s worth the penny. 

Some secrets of the outlet malls may have you think twice before visiting one. So, to shop smart, you have to know some useful tips to maximize your savings and find the best deals at factory stores and outlet malls. Here are some of them:

Set a Budget

Visiting stores without setting a budget can have you spending more as you can be lured into many stores. Since outlet malls have plenty to choose from, setting a budget will ensure you pay a specific amount of money.

A sure fix way to not spend beyond the limits is to use cash instead of a credit card to have the control of shopping. You can also use your prepaid debit card with a certain amount to stay within the budget. This can become your ultimate malls and centers shopping guide to help you with how you can save money on shopping and get the best deals.

Outlet Malls= the largest potential for savings!

True outlet stores offer the largest potential for savings. These stores carry original products as stocked in retail stores. But, they might have some damages, irregularities, or the products that are phased out because of offseason, the prices are tagged accordingly.

Hone Your Best Haggling Skills!

If you are good at haggling, true outlet locations are the best to hone your skills. Items that are damaged may be marked down; however, there is always wiggle room in the price. The best example is furniture outlets where the floor space is limited, and pieces need to be sold quickly.

Ask the factory store staff to help you find the best-discounted goods 

These carry inventory made especially for them; that is, the items are not initially stocked in the retail store. While factory stores have not-so-good quality material and stitching, they usually have prices that are 30%-40% lower than actual retail stores.

Inspect Before You Make a Purchase

When you are buying an item, look for more than just the tag. Factory stores are known for carrying irregular and damaged items; so, check the items for stains, holes and other imperfections. If you are interested in buying the damaged item, ask the salesperson to give an additional discount. 

Check Prices Online

Regardless of the discount sign says, you should do your own research when visiting outlet malls and factory stores. After all, how would you know the real prices unless you visit the retail store in the mall first? However, you can compare the prices online on Smartphone apps like ShopSavvy or Redlaser to know if there is actually a good deal.

Go For Clearance Sales

One of the best ways to save money on shopping is to shop off-season. For instance, shop a winter coat when the winter season ends. You will often find a clearance sale that goes off-season, so just snatch your purse and take the benefit of good deals and offers. 

Check the Return Policies

Reviewing the return policies is important for any merchandise marked as a final sale that may not be valid for a return or exchange. Buy goods that you are sure because chances are you can miss the chance of returning them if you live far away, and that will be a waste of money. 

Stack Coupons

Stack coupons on top of a discount price to save from an extra 10% to 50% off. You can head to the welcome centre of the outlet mall for a book of current coupons or you can sign up for their reward program online to get the deals via email. 

Ask For Guidance

If you want to ask anything about the outlet items, ask the store staff. They will not only help you with the items but also provide other valuable information.


Outlet malls and factory stores have changed the game of shopping for perceptive shoppers. You can’t assume everything hung in an outlet mall is inexpensive than the regular store. Research and due diligence is the key to embrace this modern and smart shopping with great bargains!