Technical SEO Checklist – 10 Technical SEO Tips To Boost Traffic And Rankings

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Definition of SEO:

Internet is flooding with the intelligent definition of SEO. SEO practices call for generating organic ratings for search engines on the internet.

Meaning, search-engines are evolving with every second. Content of webpages should be worthy of outshining in the unpaid ratings.

For example, You have a blog on pillow covers, and you recently posted content on how to do cross-stitch embroidery on pillows. Therefore, you would want the search engine to show your post whenever anyone searches for embroidery on pillows.

Optimizing your content with SEO will do this for you.

Traffic and Rankings:

SEO Tips to boost traffic and rankings:

Although, there are thousands of ways to enhance your online presence with SEO practices. Following some of the critical will be beneficial.

Following are some effective techniques to further boost it:

1. Make a trustworthy online presence:

Ensure you secure your website. Google and other search engines will favor those websites that they think are safer and secure for the users to access.

2. Loading Speed of Your Webpage:

Optimize the contents of your webpages. Reduce the size of the webpage and images. Furthermore, try to eliminate third party push scripts. The loading speed can lose you significant traffic. Google announced in 2020 that loading speed is a crucial ranking factor.

3. Improve User Experience:

Your site should justify with the users organically, just like the search-engines answer the queries of users in the best way possible. Plus, If the website looks outdated and amateurish to the users, users will shift to other search results on the SERPs.

4. Use HTML Sitemaps to your advantages:

It is vital to know how the search engine index the contents of your website. Understanding sitemaps can help list your webpage way better.

5. Focus on a mobile platform:

With everything taking a shift from plain old surfing of the internet. The user now more often make use of voice search or take out their phones for any information. For example, People shopping at a convenience store will look for product reviews on their phones before purchasing.

6. Make use of Site Architecture:

Have you seen how a 4-year-old can understand and create a family-tree effortlessly? Site architecture enhances the organization of content on your site. Google can also crawl 100% of your website is arranged in a clear structure.

7. URL Structure:

The same way we index our website, indexing your URL can enhance its readability to Google or other search engines.

8. Fix Crawlability Issues ASAP:

Since search-engines rely heavily on algorithms for indexing and ranking all websites. Make sure to fix any issues that might be blocking your pages from Google due to any negligence.

Use tools like AHREFS or Google Search Console to spot and fix.

9. Breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs navigation can increase the traffic by automatically adding internal links to secondary webpages on SERPs.

10. Redirect old URLs to new URLs:

It is common practice to migrate or upgrade the webpages or content. Make sure to redirect old URLs to new addresses to redirect the traffic on the new site.


While SEO practices can be a handful to understand and apply, making a step by step progress can give permanent results. Websites are often under search engine’s radar. Make use of these practices to enhance and optimize your website to entertain positive boost and traffic.