10 ways online teaching should be different from face-to-face

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Online teaching is significantly different from traditional face to face teaching. The sudden shift to online teaching poses an array of challenges. How can teachers overcome these challenges? The answer is quite simple, by incorporating different methods and strategies to jump this hurdle. Today, we will be discussing 10 such online teaching methods that can help you overcome the barriers and boundaries.

1: Orientation and Demo

Imagine how you would handle the first day of the semester. You would introduce the students to the topic, you would get to know them, you’ll talk more about the school, it’s vision and likewise. When it comes to online teaching, it is of paramount importance to introduce the platform that you are using for the online classes. Your students may not know their way around the app. So, ensure to guide them through the process. How they should sign in for the class, how they can submit the assignment etc. In short, conduct a demo class so that you know what are the major challenges that your students are facing and their queries can be addressed. Always bear in mind to choose a simple and easy to use online teaching app.

2: Gamification

The attention span of students is low.  When it comes to online classes, the distractions are higher. You have to opt online teaching methods that ensure to keep your students engaged. Active learning takes place when the classroom environment is active. To make your classroom more active, gamify the lessons and concepts. Introduce games and quizzes into your online class. There are online teaching tools that help in creating games that are in resonance with the lessons. This will help to increase the students’ interest in learning.

3: Visual Aids

One of the key advantages of online teaching is the availability of numerous online teaching tools. Use animations and demonstrations to communicate concepts in a better manner. When we talk about online class vs face to face class, the usage of visual aids and 3D demonstration has to be mentioned. Be it a maths problem or physics concept, it can be better explained through online tools. Replacing real-life objects with visual aids will help you give this practical experience to students. While adopting this online teaching methodology, the lessons can be conveyed in a better way.

4: Continuous Feedback

Prompt and timely feedback is an essential part of effective teaching and learning. While talking about online teaching strategies, it is important to take into account the importance of feedback. As teachers, you have to gather feedback from your students as well as give them feedback. This will ensure that the online classes are engaging and interactive. Communication has to be two way and one of the most important points to be kept in mind while discussing online methods of teaching is that communication must be a two-way process. You should use an online teaching platform that facilitates two-way student-teacher interaction.

5: Engage with students

The major difference between online class vs face to face is the physical presence of the teacher. It is easy to pick on non-verbal cues when you are in a normal classroom framework and that is not the case when it comes to online classrooms. The teacher has to ensure that they engage with their students and support them throughout. The key is to let them know that you will always be available to clear any questions or doubts. Choosing a holistic platform like Teachmint, helps you to engage with your students better.

6: Student ownership and activities

It is one of the most effective online teaching strategies to give the students ownership. When you let them choose what lessons they want to learn and how they want to do it, it makes them more involved in the process of learning. In-class activities and discussions will help to add the necessary life.

7: Create a Positive Environment

Creating a positive learning environment applies to normal physical classrooms as well but more so in online classrooms. The students must feel comfortable in raising their questions and doubts. It is important for them to feel a sense of belonging. For this to happen, you must ensure to create a good atmosphere. In your online teaching methodology, make sure to underline this point, because active learning cannot happen in a hostile environment. Talk to your students about the lessons, discuss topics outside of the subject matter, establish a rapport with them, and create a safe space.

8: Share content and resources

Sharing study materials and other resources is extremely important when it comes to online teaching. Notes, assignments, resources, etc add to the development of students and aids in their learning process. When you give assignments, share a sample of what you are expecting it to be like. Illustrations and examples will help in bringing clarity and this can be done by sharing study material. Teachmint helps to share study material in a click. Be it pdfs, excel, or videos, you can share it easily through Teachmint.

9: Create student communities

Creating student communities within the online classroom is one of the best online teaching methods that can be used to ensure student engagement. When students get together for group assignments and other projects and discussions, it helps to establish a connection and while they are in the classroom, they will feel a sense of belonging. These communities can further engage in friendly competitions and debates to strengthen the bond

10: Record and Rehearse

While it may feel like rehearsing is not an online teaching methodology, all the online teaching methods and efforts would be in vain if you can’t face the camera confidently. It is always advisable to record yourself. Once you listen to your own classes, you can identify your pace and alter your online teaching strategies accordingly. You are your best judge, you can also spot if there are any shortcomings.

Online teaching is not a tough mountain to climb. Active learning happens when there are well laid online teaching strategies. We cannot say that one teaching method is better than the other. It depends on the subject that you teach and the demographics of your students. Nothing can surpass hardwork and commitment. If you are passionate about teaching, you will ace it regardless of whether it is online teaching or face to face teaching.

Happy Teaching!