10 Ways To Make Their Valentine’s Day Memorable

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There are many ways to express emotions and love for each other on Valentine’s Day. To make the day extra special and more memorable, some lovers and couples go out of the box and celebrate the day of hearts in a different way. This Valentine’s Day, you can make your celebration a little bit unique and memorable for the person you love. Here are 10 ways to do it:

Give Her the Most Romantic Bouquet

Choose the most romantic bouquet for her to express your emotions and undying love. You may choose a bouquet that has the type of flowers she likes best or a bouquet that features her favorite flower. If you don’t find it easy, let the professional local florist help you through the large selections of Valentine’s flowers. But when you plan for a Valentine bouquet, make sure that you place your orders ahead of time. Don’t wait for the last minute to shop for flowers because you will only end up getting leftover flowers.

Let Her Feel that She Is Loved

You don’t have to spend all your savings just to let her know that you love her. A simple gift, no matter how much it costs, will surely make her feel special and loved. Know what she wants most at the present, whether it is a box of chocolate or a fancy watch or anything that will make her smile is enough to make your Valentine’s Day celebration more memorable for both of you.

Make A Breakfast in Bed

Being there early in the morning to serve her a romantic breakfast in bed will surely turn this special day into a memorable one. It will also be a bit unusual, instead of having a candle-lit dinner, start the celebration as early as breakfast time. You can prepare her favorite breakfast meal or cook something different that she will like.

Take Her to a Road Trip

A road trip is always something that every girl wants to experience. This Valentine’s Day, why not give her this trip that she longs for. You can go somewhere familiar or significant to both of you or bring her to unfamiliar places to make new memories and capture new IG-worthy photos. What is important is that you are together no matter where the trip takes you.

Visit a Vineyard to taste New Flavors of Wine

There are vineyards out there that offer amazing deals and promos on Valentine’s Day for couples who want to taste new wine flavors. Take advantage of this opportunity and find out if both of you have the same taste when it comes to wine. Some vineyards also offer chocolates, cheese, and snacks that you can try with wine. To ensure that you will enjoy this activity, plan it ahead of time and select a vineyard that you can conveniently go to.

Treat Her to a Relaxing Spa

She must have been very busy with the work that she prefers to stay at home and relax on Valentine’s Day. If this is the case, why not treat her to a local spa and let her experience an ultimate body massage. Both of you can enjoy a couple’s massage at the spa and dinner for two afterward. Most spa houses offers Valentine’s Day packages for couples who love to be pampered.

Write Her a Love Letter

Text messages, personal messages, and posts on social media networks are the trend nowadays when it comes to communicating with people. If you want to communicate with her in such a romantic way, write her a love letter or gift her sad romance novels and encourage her to do the same. Writing love letters on paper was once the trend before technology replaced it with digital mail. If you haven’t done it before, this is your chance to write one for her and make Valentine’s Day more memorable.

Surprise Her at Work

You may have told her that you are going out for Valentine’s Day dinner after work and the thought of it thrills her already. But you can make the long day even more exciting and full of surprises by showing up at work on her lunch break to have lunch together. You can also have a bouquet of Valentine’s flowers to give her. Surely, all her co-employees will envy her.

Remember Your First Date

This day of hearts will be memorable when you remind her how your first date went a few months or years ago. There were probably some fun experiences that both of you can never forget, such as how charming she was at that time when she blushed or how corny you were when you told her you to love her. Why not turn the clock back and remind her of the romantic time you first shared together? This will surely make Valentine’s Day more memorable.

Propose to Her

On Valentine’s Day, you will make the celebration memorable and an event she will never forget by proposing. A marriage proposal is probably not expected on this special day, which makes it a day to remember. If you are planning for a marriage proposal and you want to do it on a romantic occasion, this is the perfect day to finally do it. With a ring and a flower bouquet, let her know that you are ready to be with her for the rest of your life.