3 best iOS emulators for Windows to create and run iOS app

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If you don’t have an iPhone available, but want to work with some iOS apps, there are still possibilities for you: You can use the iOS emulator for pc to run the iOS app on your PC. If you install an iOS emulator for Windows, you can work with the iOS app as if you were using your iPhone. Sure, you might wonder what is the best iOS emulator app that you don’t need to look elsewhere. In this article, we have listed the 6 best iOS emulators for Windows PCs for running iOS apps.

An iOS emulator is basically software that allows the host to function as another iOS operating system. Allows a Windows computer to emulate or mimic a smartphone or tablet with iOS. If you want to test the app before sending the required files to the Apple App Store, the iOS emulator will be useful; In addition, users will be able to work with iOS apps and games without having to purchase an expensive iPhone or iPad. There are many iOS emulators on the web developed by various companies for you to find out. However, it is difficult to choose the right option because you do not know which software is good and safe, because some of them may be malware or viruses.

Best ios emulator for windows pc 2020 

1. Mobion Studio

MobiOne Studio helps you emulate your iOS environment on a Windows PC to easily run multiple iOS apps, including the ability to develop iOS apps. The software has been downloaded by over half a million developers since its release 8 years ago. The app includes unique features, such as custom UI templates, which can use drag-and-drop not only for portrait orientation, but also for landscape orientation. MobiOne provides support for reviewing and testing large applications with the help of App Sync technology. However, MobiOne Studios has been closed. If you still want to install the application, you can download the free EXE file through trusted third-party sites. However, you should be careful because EXE files can be prone to viruses and malware.

2. Smartface

Smartface allows you to develop and provide infrastructure with unlimited applications on the Windows operating system at no charge. You can easily work with the Smartface tool. You just need to install the software on the host device through the App Store and establish connectivity to the Windows PC. Of course, you also need iTunes installed on your computer. After emulating iOS on your Windows device, you can develop native apps via Smartface. The program also includes a module to debug your application with various features such as breakpoints and real-time code changes. Apps can be tested in a wide range of iOS environments. The interesting thing to note is that the software can also be used with the same efficiency with the Android platform.

3. iPadian

The iPadian is designed for PCs running Windows XP and above. The tool helps you launch an alternate desktop that looks like an iPad screen. The iPadian is not a real emulator but an iOS simulator. The tool is used as a desktop application based on the Adobe Air platform. The program comes with its own app store, which includes several applications that can run on Windows. And therefore, you will experience the feeling of using iOS apps even if you are using the Windows platform. The problem with iPadian is that it’s not able to emulate the entire iPad, like touch. You won’t experience the same touch interaction when working with the tool on Windows. The swipe function associated with the iPad will not work properly.