3 Common Moving Nightmares (and How to Prevent Them)

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3 Common Moving Nightmares – Nightmares are only supposed to take place while we are sleeping. However, some life events such as moving can bring a lot of tension, uncertainty and anxiety. If you are not prepared adequately, problems can arise every step of the moving process. Sometimes challenges are beyond our comprehension. For instance, a violent storm can hit just when the moving truck is about to be loaded with your items.

Here are the main challenges and how to avoid them:

Bad movers

The biggest challenge you will face when moving is rogue and incompetent movers. Some movers are either late or don’t show at all on the agreed day. When you call to demand an explanation, you are given a lot of excuses and the result is stress and wastage of time. Worst of all, some fraudulent movers may take your deposit money and disappear.

However, they are ways to avoid these nightmares. You will only need to conduct thorough research on the movers before hiring them. This will help you to make sure you are dealing with not only licensed movers but also experienced professionals.

Traffic problems

Traffic challenges can easily turn the moving process into a nightmare. For instance, the moving truck may be genuinely delayed by traffic jams leaving no time to proceed with the move as planned. The scenario can get worse if the moving truck is involved in an accident or trapped on the road due to adverse weather conditions. In such cases, you may lose your items or receive them badly damaged. Also, the moving truck may not find an appropriate parking space to load your items.

There is nothing you can do to prevent traffic jams and accidents. However, you can at least reserve an appropriate parking space, preferably directly in front of your old and new house for easier loading and offloading.  

Poor organisation

Poor organisation is another major challenge during moving. For example, you can pack more items than what the moving truck can handle. Also, if you have large items that do not fit through the doors, you may be required to seek hoisting services which will cost more money. The best way to avoid poor organisation is packing early and planning each phase in meticulous detail.

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