3 Ways to Elevate your Content Game

2 Mins read

During the pandemic, there have been many types of content that drifts through different social media platforms. All of which are trying to inform and persuade their own target audience. Thus, it is difficult to really be unique. But, to make sure that your audience can say yes to you whether you are marketing a product or a service is to make your content beneficial to them without having them to pay for the experience.

Below are a list of top contents that can garner you more audience:

  1. Videos

Videos are a recording of moving pictures or visuals that create a new narrative. Using videos are more appealing to audiences because they would rather watch a 5 minute video than read a 5 minute blog. Thus, vlogging became significantly more visible and gained more traction as compared to blogs.

With editing your videos, you can tackle more information rather than publishing 3 to 5 blogs for different topics. Videos are also easily shared and clicked by your audience. When editing your videos you must take into account the main goal of your video and focus to work towards aiming the goal. For example, is the video informational or persuasive. The content of the video changes based on your objectives.

  1. Crash Courses

Crash courses are online courses that are facilitated by a credible professional in a short span of time. Usually, it takes a month to finish a free course. Upon completion, the participants are given certificates as proof that they have completed the course. 

Crash courses are a hit during these times because people can no longer go out of their houses to experience new things. Thus, they opt to learn stuff online and something they will not pay for. The catch is that the first course can be free but you have to pay for the following classes that are more advanced and more like a masterclass. 

If you nail the crash course, then most likely they would decide to pay for your next classes and see the worth in investing time and money into your product. Also by having enrollees at your crash course mean that they see the value of what you are trying to sell them. However, since everyone today has trust issues, they need a trial run to know if they will be satisfied. Thus, providing them with a crash course.

  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are another type of content that have been popular way before the pandemic. It’s just that during this time, people have a lot more time to listen to different podcasts every day.

 It is a digital audio that is available online. Most of the podcasts are considered as series or a talk show that invites guests to talk with regarding a certain topic. Subscribers or followers of a specific podcast easily get notified with new episodes from the series.

Podcasts are a great way to advertise something without making it look like you are trying hard to sell your product and or service. It is a very informative technique that anyone who has a recording device puts up their own podcast. You can sponsor an already famous podcast that reaches millions of listeners or you can create your own podcast for your own business.

In summation, you can try different tricks to make your content marketing a little bit more interesting. Making these adjustments can increase your audience. These types of contents surely take time and effort to produce. Thus, it is important to discern what type of content best fits your service or product. Furthermore, it is encouraged to make your content intentional. Being more intentional and sincere is seen by your audience which can verify your credibility.