4 Cost-Effective and Easy Ways to Boost Brand Recall in Your Target Audience

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Every business, regardless of the niche, faces challenging competition. With so many companies to choose from, your target audience will find it hard to remember your name. In that case, you will want to boost brand recall. 

What Is Brand Recall?

Brand recall is the immediate recollection of the name of a company or a brand by a consumer. They should be able to remember your name when they are faced with anything associated with it, such as a similar product, service, or category. This is something you want to achieve in your target market if you want to have a strong foothold in the industry. Also, brand recall means that customers are more likely to consider you for further business. 

Consider what HubSpot says about brand loyalty, “Once a consumer bonds to your brand, they’re more likely to make repeat purchases with little to no forethought.”

But how do you achieve this? You can do the following cost-effective and easy ways to boost brand recall.

  1. Determine your unique selling point (USP).

    Sometimes, the brand recall has to do with the brand name and the unique selling point. You need to play into what sets your brand apart from other companies that offer similar products or services. Once you have identified your USP (does not cost you a thing!), you can highlight it in your marketing and promotional materials. By doing that, you can make your brand more memorable to your audience because they have something to anchor to. 

  2. Invest in custom brand packaging.

    Product packaging does not only protect a product, but it also serves as an advertisement and as a vehicle of product recall. That is because unique product packaging can help consumers remember the brand and can even make the brand more popular. Your business can also use this opportunity to drive your unique selling point by making it an inspiration for the packaging or by including it in the design. If you are worried about cost, some vendors offer economical packaging while letting you design it as you see fit.

  3. Zero in on your audience online.

    Instead of targeting multiple online platforms for your marketing campaigns, select the venues where your audience is most active. Are there more of them tweeting their thoughts on Twitter? Or can you find them by the dozens on Facebook? Are they checking out posts and videos on Instagram instead? It may sound like a lot of work figuring out where your customers are at. But you can use tools like Google Analytics (it’s free!) to find out where visitors to your website come from. Once you have identified the channel that is the source of most of your traffic, you can concentrate most of your online marketing efforts there. Because by focusing your endeavors on a few places, you can be more successful in reaching your audience and promoting brand recall. How is this cost-effective? Aside from Google Analytics being free, with online marketing, you can set your budget. On Facebook, you can even run ads and reach your target audience for $1 a day.

  4. Boost your content marketing and SEO.

    Eighty-six percent of marketers have reached their goals for brand awareness with the help of content marketing. There is no reason that it should not work for you too. You can start with relevant blog posts that can be useful to your target customers. This does not have to be expensive, as you can write these yourself. Just remember the basic rules of SEO when you are writing so you can be more effective in capturing your audience. If you are not confident, you can rely on a content writer who can help you. This does not have to break the bank either since you can set a budget as well as expectations. Also, do not forget to ask your audience to subscribe to your blog or to turn on their push notifications for you.

  1. Build a solid social media presence.

    Social media pages are not just for promoting your products or services, blog posts, and other kinds of content. You can use it to build and nurture relationships with customers and members of your target audience. When managing your social media accounts, be mindful of the words you use and the timeliness of your messages. That is because the impression you give through your accounts can affect how people recall your brand. Managing social media does not have to be costly, too, because there are free tools that can help you do it. 

  2. Increase brand recall through brand awareness.

    Be consistent when you run your ads on social media or other channels. This is your opportunity to flaunt your USP because your ads will drive that home to your audience. Because of that, consumers’ awareness of your brand will increase and will lead to brand recall. Moreover, you can use word-of-mouth marketing to your benefit. Consumers trust the opinions of their family members and friends. So you can set up a referral marketing program. This way, you can entice your existing customers to bring you, new patrons. 

Building recall and awareness takes time. You have to be patient when doing what you need to do to boost brand recall. Look out for and celebrate small victories with the help of analytics tools. This way, you can see how effective your efforts are and remain motivated with your marketing activities.