4 Simple Measures to Keep Kidneys Healthy

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When the kidney is mentioned, what pops into most individuals’ thoughts is waste removal. While one of the essential functions, kidneys do a lot more, including helping maintain healthy water, salts, and minerals balance. Did you know that the kidneys produce hormones that trigger your bones to make more blood cells? Kidney health can’t be emphasized enough as you strive to remain healthy. That is among the reasons you should schedule an appointment with Tsegaw E Egziti M.D to learn more about your kidneys’ health, and find out what you should do to keep them in top shape.

While kidneys are sensitive to the environment and the intricate nature of our bodies, keeping them healthy does not have to be complicated. Sure, you need to keep your heart and other organs healthy since if one fails, the rest are affected, but this should not overwhelm your efforts. The simple measures you can include in your health regimen to keep kidney disease at bay include.

1.      Regular screening

While you might be feeling in good shape, your kidney might be struggling and gradually developing a problem. Regular screening can help catch such developing concerns and ensure you put in place practical measures to reverse or stop them before they become problematic. The kidney disease checks are simple and won’t overwhelm your schedule. The common tests are:

  • Albumin creatinine ratio (ACR): It is a urine test that checks for albumin (a protein) amount, and typically, anything above 30 mg/g indicates a problem.

·         Glomerular filtration rate (GFR): This is a blood test that shows how well your kidney is working. If the GFR is 60 or lower, it signifies kidney disease, and anything below 15 indicates kidney failure, requiring immediate medical attention.

Routine screening is a significant part of proactive healthcare. It gives you a head start, making it easier to spot issues when less invasive treatment and management measures are still viable.

2.      Manage blood pressure and sugar

Uncontrolled blood pressure can damage the kidneys. Caring for your heart, including cutting back on alcohol and salt, exercising, and weight management, makes it easier to keep the blood pressure in check, helping to keep kidney disease at bay. Your blood sugar also counts, and with/without diabetes, you should strive to maintain it at good levels. Excess blood sugar affects the blood vessels in your kidney, making them narrower and clogged, affecting their health. Diet, exercise, and a healthy routine ease blood sugar and pressure management. If you are on mediation, also ensure you stick to your prescription.

3.      Avoid drugs overuse

Pain medication overuse, especially non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, can lead to kidney disease. Pain management is essential, but you should be careful not to overuse it. Long-term use of the drugs, more so at high doses, can significantly lower blood flow in the kidneys. This harms the kidney tissue, leading to kidney disease. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned. They can prescribe alternatives.

4.      Stop smoking

Smoking causes harm to every organ in your body. It is a destructive habit, and if you are struggling to quit on your own, there is no shame in seeking professional help.

Physical exercise and healthy nutrition can’t take the backseat as you strive to improve your kidney and overall health. Combine them with the above pointers, and you will supercharge your quest to keep the kidneys fully functional. Set an appointment with Houston Kidney Specialists Center for more information on how you can improve your kidney care regimen.

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