4 Surprising Natural Painkillers

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Whether you have a niggling one-off ache or even a chronic pain condition, often your first thought is to look in the medicine cabinet and reach for some pills. However, you may be surprised to know that pharmaceuticals are the only solution to consider. Although some medications will, of course, get rid of the pain quickly, you are at risk of developing nasty side effects, dependence or even addiction.

As an alternative, there are natural remedies to think about which are much safer for the body and are thought to provide instant relief for an array of aches and pains.

Here is a list of some of the best natural painkillers:

  • Willow bark

For generations, people have been using willow bark to reduce pain and inflammation from the likes of arthritis, backache and headaches. According to studies, the bark from the white willow contains a chemical known as salicin; the same active ingredient within the over-the-counter medication, aspirin.

Centuries ago, willow bark would have been chewed, but it’s now widely available in a liquid form and a capsule. Willow bark does have a powerful pain-killing effect, so do speak with your doctor before taking this supplement, especially if you’re taking any other form of painkiller.

  • CBD 

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been termed by experts as a ‘quick fix’ for pain relief. According to research, 62% of those who took CBD found it beneficial in treating chronic pain conditions such as arthritis.

It’s believed to be a good natural alternative for those who take opioids, which can become addictive after regular consumption. Some researchers believe that CBD interacts with your brain receptors and creates a response that induces pain relief. This means that CBD could help you manage chronic pain conditions, without having to turn to prescribed medication. If after use, you find that CBD has worked wonders in keeping your chronic pain condition under control, it may be worth thinking about setting up your own CBD business with custom CBD branding, to help others in a similar position. 

  • Turmeric

For centuries, turmeric has been considered one of the best herbal remedies for joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, indigestion, and psoriasis, to name just a few. With its rich yellow tone with a unique tangy flavour, turmeric is a compound that contains the antioxidant, curcumin, which helps maintain and protect the body’s cells. Experts have claimed that this herbal remedy has the same strength as both over-the-counter and even prescribed medicines, on the basis of taking between 500-1000 milligrams of the spice per day. Many people choose to mix turmeric with water to create a tasty turmeric tea.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese remedy that concentrates on specific areas of the body where aches and pains are located. In this practice, ultra-thin needles are pierced into the skin at the exact source of the pain and other reciprocal areas around the body to stimulate with the nerves beneath the skin. It’s thought that as a result, the body releases pain-relieving endorphins such as serotonin, the chemical in the brain that is responsible for improving mood and reducing pain.