5 Activity Ideas for a Guys Trip

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There are all sorts of great reasons to go on a guys trip. Getting in some bonding time is a great way to kick back, relax and enjoy catching up with old friends. However, the idea of a guys trip is often easier than the actual planning part. 

It’s important that you start organizing well in advance to make sure that it’s the perfect experience. If you’re thinking about going on a guys trip soon, here are some activity ideas for you to consider. 

Go Hunting 

Nothing says testosterone like going hunting. Hunting is a great way to test your cunning, skill, and accuracy. If none of you have hunted before, then you may want to consider going with a guide who can instruct you on the best techniques. The best part about hunting is that it usually happens in a beautiful location like the mountains or woods. Choose somewhere that’s bound to show you breathtaking scenery. 

A Sporting Event 

Wherever you decide to go, you should consider adding a sports game into the itinerary. Out-of-town games are a great way to discover the local culture and get to know new people in the area. It’s also a great way to show your support for the local sports team. Depending on where you choose to go, you may even already be a fan of the local team. No matter who’s playing, home games are always more exciting than away games. 


Music is a wonderful way to bond with your friends. Before you book your trip, you should take a look at local concerts that are going on in the area. If you’re deciding between several different trip locations, you might want to choose the one that has the best concert going on. There’s nothing like letting loose and dancing to some of your favorite music with pals. 


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that golf is only for retired folks. Golf is actually incredibly fun and a great way to let loose. There are some incredibly beautiful golf courses all across the country. You might be surprised to find that not only is it fun fitting in a game of golf into your trip, but it may be one of the most beautiful parts of your trip, depending on where you are. 


Catching a big impressive fish is one of the most classic “guy experiences” that there are. Check out some of the fishing spots across the country and decide whether it might be something you’d be interested in. Before you assume that fishing is just sitting in one place with a fishing pole, think again. Fly fishing can be incredibly exciting and downright exhilarating. It’s also a great excuse to go to a beautiful destination and have a few cold ones.