5 Benefits of Using a Standing Desk at your Office

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People working in offices mostly spend more than 40 hours a week in their offices. All of us spent the most time in the office while sitting, which can be bad enough for our health and increase the risk of life-threatening diseases like heart disease and diabetes. 

Apart from this, all-time sitting led to poor posture, backache and obesity because you’re not burning enough calories. But an office worker must be at a desk to do their job, and all this work is usually done by sitting down. One alternative office furniture piece that you can utilize to avoid sitting is a standing desk. This article will tell you about all the benefits you get when using a standing desk at your office.

What’s a Standing Desk?

You may call it a stand-up desk or standing desk or a height-adjustable desk. A stand-up desk helps you to perform your work at your desk comfortably stood up. And the amazing thing to add here is that adjustable standing desk office furniture versions are now available. It Simultaneously allows you to choose between sitting and standing. 

Having standing desks as office furniture in your office negate the adverse effects of too much sitting and a range of impressive benefits that come along with these standing desks for both your health and productivity. Below are some health benefits of using a stand-up desk:

  1. Minimize the risk of weight gain and obesity

Using a standing desk is great in medical terms as you burn more calories than you would normally when sitting down. Exercise is found very effective in burning calories, but standing instead of sitting at work can help you burn some extra calories and maintain a healthy body shape.

You know what’s great studies have shown if you spent an afternoon at a standing desk, it burns 170 additional calories, which means almost 1000 extra calories of yours are burned each week by simply using a stand-up desk at work. Burning extra calories will help you lower the risk of weight gain, obesity, and other metabolic diseases.

  1. Boost productivity

You might be thinking I’m standing all day how this will boost my productivity; instead, it will make my tasks more complicated, like no of typing characters will be significantly reduced while working on a standing desk.

But studies have shown there is no harmful impact of using a standing desk on your productivity. Instead, you get Improved mood and energy levels by utilizing stand-up desks at work. So, make the standing desk a part of your office furniture and see a positive effect on your productivity. It is noted from the “Take-a-Stand Project” that included 24 office workers, 66% of the workers felt more productive by utilizing a stand-up desk.

  1. Get lower blood sugar levels

People having insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes are at a significant health risk. Having increased blood sugar levels than normal are also not suitable for a healthy lifestyle. As per our knowledge, an experiment was performed on ten office workers, 5 of them have to stand for three following lunches while the rest of them were allowed to sit, and the results have shown the standing ones have reduced blood sugar levels by 43% compared to those workers who sat down for the exact same amount of time.

While another research has shown that alternating between standing and sitting every 3 minutes helps you reduce blood sugar spikes by 11.1%. 

  1. Improves your mood and energy levels

Sitting while working for too long is associated with depression and anxiety, but thanks to standing desks improve employee’s wellbeing and also improve their mood and energy levels around the office.

In 2011 when the “Take-a-Stand Project” was performed, the experiment was performed on a total of 24 office workers. They all were provided with a stand-up desk, and they have to report on their mood lately. When the experiment was done after a month, so these positive behaviors were reported by the workers:

  1. felt more comfortable (87%)
  2. felt energized (87%)
  3. felt healthier (75%)
  4. felt more focused (71%)
  5. felt happier (62%)
  6. felt less stressed (33%)

All these positive points were reported just by standing for like an hour. On the other hand, the overall moods of the employees returned to their original level upon returning the workers to their old sitting desks.

  1. Reduced back pain

Most office workers complain about Back, neck and shoulder pain; mostly, these are reported by employees who spend their week sitting at a desk. Due to sitting, you get poor posture which successfully leads to aches and pains. Workers report a 32% improvement in lower back pain after using a standing desk for a few weeks. Also, there was a significant reduction in upper back and neck pain by 54%.

So, these are some great health and production benefits you get by using standing desks. If you want standing desks in your office, then you can get these and other beautiful pieces of office furniture at Office Furniture in London. Check out our exclusive office Furniture range at amazing prices.