5 Common Link Building Mistakes Even Experienced SEO Make

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Link building is the most influential part of Search Engine Optimization. Search engines like Google consider backlinks a vote and use them as the most important ranking factor. While good backlinks can skyrocket your position in SERPs, even minor mistakes can damage it for good. Here are some link building mistakes that even seasoned SEO experts need to avoid. 

Totally Ignoring Links from Irrelevant Niches

Links from relevant sites are, no doubt, more powerful. But getting links only from niche-relevant sites make your link profile look unnatural. Always throw in a few links in your plan from sites that are different niche but could, somehow, find value in your site for their readers. 

Prioritizing Quantity over Quality

Backlinks may be votes, but numbers don’t count here. Google checks the authenticity of each link. A quality link gives you more authority than ten mediocre links. Acquire services of a link building company to get you links from sites best suited for your link profile. 

Misleading Anchor Texts

Getting a lot of links and not getting traffic from them does not look natural. Likewise, if traffic coming from those links keeps bouncing off, it will damage the trust rank of your site. Make sure you use links with proper anchor texts in a sentence that makes sense. Using an anchor text generator tool like Linkio helps you build your links properly and makes sure that if you follow the right suggestions to get the most out of your campaign and online visibility.

Following Competitor’s Link Profile

Fetching the link profile of the biggest competitor is the first thing most SEO experts do when working on a site. They believe if a tactic worked for them, it would work for us. This notion is not entirely wrong, but you can’t outrank them copying their methods. 

Not Diversifying Link Profile

Building a natural link profile should be your top priority. For that, you must diversify your links. Use all types of links, different types of anchor texts, and sites all DA, niche, and traffic.