5 Common Myths Revolving Around the Urgent Care

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What do you do when you encounter an unexpected health concern? You can choose from the emergency room, urgent visits, and your primary care upon the sudden health complication. Your choice of those providers depends on the care service you need. If your unexpected health complication is life-threatening, you should visit the emergency room. However, if your health issue is mild but requires immediate medical intervention, urgent care Frisco, TX, should be your best option to get quality services for your health. The increase in the reliability of urgent care in modern days has led to the emergence of the following myths.

Urgent Care Is Costly

Many people are afraid to contact urgent care facilities claiming that their services are expensive. The truth, however, is that most services within the scope of urgent care are under health insurance coverage. Only in rare situations will individuals make the payment for the direct services. Therefore, you should wake from the bed of that myth and seek the appropriate, urgent care.

Urgent Care and Emergency Care Refer to The Same Thing

Some people use the two names interchangeably to refer to the same care program, which is not true. The truth is that the two care services differ in application and the cost involved. For example, patients will require urgent medical services when they have dire medical health problems that are not life-threatening. On the other hand, emergency care is for patients with serious and life-threatening health complications. In terms of cost, emergency care is relatively expensive compared to urgent care.

Without an Appointment, You Cannot Access the Urgent Care Services

You might have heard some people claim that there is no admission in the urgent care facility to patients without appointments, but this is not the case with these facilities. The truth is that if you seek immediate care for your health, you can get care in any urgent care facility even without scheduling a visit. This allowance explains why urgent care focuses on non-critical body damage requiring immediate intervention.

Urgent Care Facilities Are Not Adequately Equipped

Many underrate the urgent care centers’ capacity to provide medical care services, claiming they do not have enough equipment. However, contrary to this claim, the urgent care facility is well equipped, especially with the diagnostic kits. These centers have advanced laboratories where urgent care specialists perform diagnoses on patients.

You Can Only Get Urgent Care When You Have Insurance

Although most services within the urgent care facilities are under insurance coverage, some of the services do not necessitate you to have insurance coverage. For example, you can get primary care services without contacting your insurance provider. You will use your pocket to pay for the services in such cases.

Are you out there stranded on whether to seek urgent care services or not due to misinformation? The above-debunked myths will help to change your mindset as you seek a reliable urgent care facility. At Prime Choice Family Clinic & Urgent Care, a team of experienced doctors offers immediate treatment to patients with acute health conditions. To get started with effective urgent care services, book an online appointment and visit their office today.