5 Most Popular Manga in 2020

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Calling all manga fans – are you looking for the most popular, most trending, and sought-after graphic novels and comic books of 2020? Maybe you’re looking for a new series to follow, perhaps you just want to expand your ever-growing collection, or maybe you like to be up on what’s trending at the moment?

Regardless of the reason, this list has you covered as it takes a look at the five most popular manga in 2020 so far.

A Man and His Cat

This is ideal for all the cat lovers out there, but don’t think this one is going to be the typical “cat lady” tale. A Man and His Cat, by Umi Sakurai, takes place in a post-apocalyptic era where cats are now donuts. Yep, you read that right, cats have become donuts. The book is sweet in that it follows a widower who decides to adopt a cat that no one else seems to want. You’ll be following along with all his and the cat’s adventures.

Transformers the Manga

Transformers have been around for a long time now, whether it’s in the toy version, through the television series, and even the blockbuster movies – it’s not like this is a new franchise. What makes Transformers the Manga so popular, however, is the fact that it is brought to readers by Ban Magami. 

For those unfamiliar with Ban Magami, he is the one responsible for the Japanese anime adaptations of Transformers, so he is a legend for many. This particular series is a new take, so the content is fresh and exciting. One of the main themes taking place is how The Great Transformer War plays out between the Autobots, the Decepticons, and the role humans play.

Demon Slayer

If you’re looking to pick up a series that isn’t new but is still managing to be on-trend and among the most popular each year, the Demon Slayer, by Koyoharu Gotouge could be a great option. Originally launched in 2016, this one is an anime adaptation. 

Here you will be following the adventures of a boy whose family has been murdered. These events lead him to become a demon slayer, with a twist in that his sister is now a demon herself. It takes a look at their sweet relationship and explores how the protagonist deals with his world.

Carole and Tuesday

Here’s a really interesting one that you can currently find on Netflix in anime form. Because of its massive following in such a short amount of time, a manga adaptation has been announced. While the details of the release haven’t been given out, it is expected at some point this year. It is being published by Yen Press. 

In this series, you’ll learn about Carole and Tuesday who are two girls that come from very opposite backgrounds. Their friendship is based on a mutual goal of one day making it big as musicians.

Blood on the Tracks

Looking for something a little deeper and even mind-bending and blowing? If so, then Blood on the Tracks by Shuzo Oshimi could be worth a read. Oshimi is, of course, heralded for his ability to build a psychological horror in a slow and impending doom kind of way. With each page, you’ll feel that doom is inevitable, leaving you almost afraid to keep going.

The premise of Blood on the Tracks is a boy whose father is a hard worker, and whose mother loves him and spends all her time with him. It slowly begins to dawn on him that perhaps his mother’s attention on him isn’t actually healthy and may just be obsessive.

Nendoroids – the Ultimate Collector Piece

Of course, there’s no better way to show what a super fan you are of manga than by starting a collection of Nendoroids. For those unfamiliar with Nendoroids, these are anime figures from Japanese video games, manga, and anime. Nendoroids for anime and manga fans are always a hot item, so why not pick them to coincide with the most popular manga in 2020?

Go Ahead and Get Your Copies

So, now that you know what all the trending and hot manga are for 2020, it’s time to get your hands on your own copies and maybe explore some ‘new to you’ series.