5 Smart Tactics to Build Brand Through SEO

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Every business wants to become a brand in its industry. However, they don’t follow any particular practices to achieve this goal. Your audience starts to trust you when you are a brand. They not only become a loyal customer but also recommend you to others. As SEO is now a part of the marketing campaigns of most businesses, here is how you can use it to increase brand awareness.

Guest Posting

Publishing your article on another site as a guest writer is called guest posting. It gives you exposure to a new audience, and you have an entire article to present yourself as an industry leader. Be sure to write a useful article that impresses your reader and doesn’t feel like advertising. 

Use Branded Anchor Text

Every SEO analyst would suggest the use of branded anchor texts to increase brand awareness. People will read the business name and start to remember it. When a person would see that name three or four times, he will unconsciously start to consider you a brand. 

Create Infographics

Create infographics that are useful and unique. They will work as a linkable asset. People will share them and they will have to credit the source. Furthermore, your brand name on the image is also enough to make viewers remember you. 

Rank for Brand Keywords

You have to control what people see when they search your business name on the internet. Make sure your website ranks for all variances of branded keywords. You will have to build backlinks for it, which will also increase awareness. 

Increase Organic Traffic

Your prospect sees a number of results when he searches a query. He will click on the result that he trusts and looks familiar. If you follow practices to increase organic traffic, you will see your brand strengthening.