5 travelling tips To London

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5 travelling tips To London – London is a visual treat for all those people who want to visit something beautiful. If you are planning a vacation and you are looking for a place where you can go to enjoy some quality time then we would suggest that you visit London. Today we are going to talk about some tips and tricks which are likely to help you if you are planning to visit London.

Don’t go to London in the summer holidays

It is a fact that people go to another city to enjoy, to explore new places and to meet new people. There are summer holidays from June to September and there are chances that London is too crowded for your liking. If you will go to London in the summer holidays and breaks then you may not like the influx of so many people. London is that city which is best to explore when there is less traffic. Do not visit London when there are chances of high traffic which is in the summer holidays.

Book as much as possible in advance

London is the most visited city so there are always chances that you may not get a place to stay. Accommodation is a prerequisite, it is that essential feature which you cannot ignore when you are travelling to another country. 5 travelling tips To London. In case you are planning to visit London then it is important that you book your accommodation as early as possible. Not just the accommodation, it is also best if you plan your whole journey to London in advance.

Few attractions will suffice

When we go to another City we consider that it is our responsibility to explore all the major attractions of that city. Honestly, it is not important if you are planning to visit London. When you are in this beautiful city then it is enough if you go to a few attractions and explore them. You don’t need to see the whole of London to get an essence of it. 5 travelling tips To London. Go to the most famous places and that’s enough.

Do go to London solo

London is a big city so it is always a good idea to take someone along if you want to explore this amazing place. Being solo is great but there are chances that you will be bored to death in such a beautiful but big place. 5 travelling tips To London. If you are planning to visit London then make sure you take someone along, a spouse, your children, your friends or anyone you can trust would be nice to Terry along.

What about the car park?

If you are planning to visit London but you are worried about your car then it’s time to stop worrying because Heathrow Airport park and ride is here. With the help of Heathrow parking, you can park your car in a parking slot and go on with your journey. Heathrow Airport park and ride is definitely your go-to option if you are looking for car parking before flying to London.

Use luggage storage 

If you are only going to London for a couple of days, you really want to use all the time you have. Therefore, once you arrive in London and it’s too early to check-in at your hotel or Airbnb, using luggage storage can be your hack to enjoy some sightseeing right away.

Many attractions and museums do not allow you to store your luggage inside. LuggageHero has more than 120 storage locations around London with flexible pricing of £1 per hour and insurance up to £1200 per bag. Just visit LuggageHero website and find the nearest storage site to you.