5 Tricks from Google that You Have to Try

2 Mins read

We all love Google for many things, but often, it is for making the experience of using their service so special and unique. From the implementation of Google Calendar to the Dino-jump game whenever the internet is down, there are just tons of hidden gems that Google ensures to put in, for no practical value than to cheer people up by showcasing a fun and geeky side.

So today, let us cheer ourselves up by looking at the little tricks that Google has embedded into its search engine.

Do a Barrel Roll

This one is iconic at this point but still does leave one with a smile on their faces. Just ask Google to do a barrel roll by typing in the same into the search box and see the magic unfold. The search page rolls twice before righting itself into the original position.

I’m Feeling Curious

This is for all the knowledge lovers out there. Typing in I’m feeling Curious into the search box displays a question with the associated answer. Once you are done with that question, there is the option to ask Google another question. This little trick keeps you entertained and educated for hours on end. The facts that Google displays are sourced from things users have asked Google over a period of time. Is this not a smart trick?


This one is dedicated to all the IT people out there. Typing in recursion into the search box returns a ‘Did you mean: recursion’ over and over again, much like what it means to be in a recursion. To the uninitiated people, recursion means repeating something, much like google implies with this neat trick.


Yes, Google had to do it. The Avengers series had to be immortalized in the pages of the internet, no matter what the critics say. To relive the danger from Thanos, or if you simply want to see this cool trick, just type in Thanos into the search box. Once the results are displayed, click on the Thanos’ glove featured in the supervillain biography at the right side of the page. The elements on the page are disintegrated one by one, with the total search items also falling to half the original count. What a neat way to pay homage!

Atari Breakout

This trick is all about nostalgia from back when video gaming consoles were new and summer vacations were long. Head over to Google images and type Atari Breakout in the search box. The images that Google returns for the search are all converted into blocks and then lets you play the game in-browser. You can read more about this trick at geeks gyaan

Let us know what your favorite Google tricks are!