5 Types of Year-Round Apparel You Need Now

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The change of seasons usually means upgrades to our wardrobes, especially we want to keep up with the changing styles and trends. But if you don’t have the budget to keep up with the Joneses, you can still stay stylish and trendy on a budget. By using techniques like layering and repurposing, you can find year-round apparel that keeps you warm (or cool) and comfy no matter the season. Here are our picks for the best year-round apparel that you should seriously consider adding more to your wardrobe. 

1. Dresses

If you’re a dress junkie, you probably know there are plenty of styles and fabrics that can allow you to keep wearing dresses, no matter the time of year. Short-sleeved, long-sleeved, half-sleeved, sleeveless, off the shoulder — indeed, there’s a dress for every style. And you can wear them any time, any place. 

From maxi dresses and sundresses to little black dresses and floor-length gowns, there’s a dress for any style and any event. Choose from shirt dresses, tie-dresses, Boho dresses, sloth dresses, striped frocks, and overall dresses, to name a few. The possibilities are seemingly limitless.

2. Bodysuits

Bodysuits are another piece of versatile apparel you can wear no matter what the temperature is outside. Whether you decide to dress them up or dress them down, bodysuits are a worthwhile investment. They can be used for the bedroom or you can pair them with a nice skirt, pair of shorts or some jeans and rock one for a party or nightclub. You can also get them in an assortment of fabrics, including lace, vinyl, leather, latex, and even fishnet. No matter where you’re going, you should be able to find a bodysuit that works for you and keeps you looking your best.

3. Scarves

A scarf can really tie an outfit together, but more than that, it can add a pop of color to otherwise colorless attire. Like any other type of clothing, scarves come in a variety of patterns, colors and styles. They’re also made of different fabrics, ranging from silk and chiffon to velvet and cashmere, each providing a unique way of enhancing your style (and keeping you warm, of course). A scarf can also protect your hair from getting tangled or messy in the wind and rain. If you don’t have a scarf or two in your wardrobe, it’s probably time to invest in this must-have accessory.

4. Jackets, Blazers & Cardigans

Every woman should have an array of different jackets in her wardrobe to sport to any and every type of occasion in any kind of weather. These handy little wardrobe staples can keep you comfortable and warm in the fall or act as a barrier between you and the sunlight during the spring and summer. 

If you’re not the type to show a lot of skin, you can layer your cardigans or jackets over a cute tank top or mix and match them with blazers if you’re going to a work event. Jean jackets work well for casual events, and you can wear half-sleeved ones during warmer months and long-sleeved ones when it’s cold outside. 

Indeed, your options are truly endless when it comes to jackets, blazers, and cardigans.

5. Denim

Denim comes in many forms, and for that reason, you can wear it any time of year. During the chilly fall and winter months, grab a pair of thick denim skinny jeans and you’re good to go. Some jeans even come with warmer materials sewn into them specifically for colder weather. In the summer, denim works well in the form of thin denim shorts, skirts, or jackets. You could even dress up your denim for special occasions by layering a dress or tunic over your jeans or by adding a few accessories like a cute belt or scarf.

Showcasing Your Style

Now that you know exactly what to invest in to keep your wardrobe fresh year-round without breaking the bank, start shopping for what you need. From dresses and scarves to jackets, blazers, and cardigans, you can find the wardrobe staples that allow you to showcase your individual style all year long.