6 Easy Plants To Grow In Shade Gardens

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6 Easy Plants To Grow In Shade Gardens. Many people have a false impression that shady areas in the garden are meant to be dull. This is a false belief as there are several plants that love to grow in shady areas. Colours can be added to the garden with the help of a good mix of large and medium plants. They offer a pleasant and calm area for reading a book or relaxing. Guests are also like to take a cup of tea and snacks in a shady garden.

Let’s glimpse through a few easy plants that grow in shade gardens.

1. May apple plants 

The Podophyllum or May apple is perfect to cover the ground and is a shade lover. The other shade plants are accented perfectly with the umbrella-like leaf canopy. This makes may apples coupling with blossom species look perfect in a planned landscape. From mid to late spring is the blooming period, which would be for a few weeks, but the foliage is one that offers more months of pleasure prior fading in summer. In careless conditions, May apple plants may result in invasiveness. Though their ripe fruits are edible, at times they may cause indigestion.

2. Moss 

When landscaping is considered there are two varieties of mosses. The Acrocarpous moss is a perfect choice for areas with invasive weeds and is tightly packed. The Acrocarpous can be used to swap traditional grasses. Pleurocarpous mosses are ones that grow in rock gardens. These Acrocarpous are declined in speed in spreading when compared to Pleurocarpous. Apart from sand, all types of soils are perfect for mosses. They are thriving, forgiving, and a perfect choice for shady areas. When mosses are chosen, the companion plants are to be planted first and mosses are to be laid after proper foundation and ground preparation is made.

3. Trilliums 

Other beautiful shade perennials are trilliums that bear hearty wildflowers. The beauty of the flower is that they are unique tri-petaled. They are about 40 species and are available in a variety of colours such as gold, white, purple, red, etc. Since the trillium seeds have a declined growth capability they are usually planted as rhizome cutting or seedlings. It takes about two years or even more to get established. Moist and rich soil is necessary for trilliums to establish and once they start blooming further care isn’t required.

4. Virginia bluebells

When you have partial and full shade, Virginia blue bells are versatile and charming ones that make your garden attractive. Being a native plant to the eastern United States and mid-western part, these Virginia blue bells are best for most gardens. They are most suitable for consistent moisture hence blue bells are a perfect choice for blooming under shaded areas. It is during the springtime do these beauties blossom and taper off due to summer heat. Being a slow process, these flowers can be planted as seedlings or bulbs.

5. Lilly of the valley

Spring is the perfect season where Lilly of the valley dance and blossom and add beauty to the garden. Either in containers or outside beds, these plants do well. The only criteria are to maintain a perfectly amended soil along with an appropriate drainage system. A moist condition is required for Lilly of the valley under shade areas. These plants can adjust to various situations through additional care is not provided.

6. Columbine flowers

The Columbine flowers are gorgeous to look at with their delicate and hearty flowers. These plants are a perfect choice for harsh conditions and are sturdy against droughts. They require a well-drained and shady area for growth. These shade perennials fascinate the hummingbirds and are most prominently used in cottage gardens. Other wildflowers and herbs also accompany these Columbine flowers. These flowers can reseed themselves.

There are plenty of shade perennials that can be planned and planted in the garden shades to make the garden colourful. Other shade perennials apart from the ones mentioned above are Viola, Astilbe, Epimedium, ferns, Hellebore, Lamium, Toad lily, Bletilla, Heuchera, Brunnera, Corydalis, bleeding heart, Lungwort, foxglove, Jack in the Pulpit, Caladium, Solomon’s seal, etc. These are few shady perennial plants and flowers that make the shad part of the garden appealing.


When an individual shifts from one area to the other, there are multiplicities of growing conditions. Your landscapes can possess shade gardens and areas and should be considered as a good foundation. These shady areas are the best choice for shade perennials to grow. These shade perennials are easy to maintain and grow as planting and maintenance are easy. There are ample sites online that help in delivering shady perennials and also assist in gardening. Run through the sites and get to know the various shady perennials available. Choose the perfect blend of colourful plants that can make your garden look unique.