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6 Kitchenaid Mixer Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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Everyone knows that Kitchenaid mixers are the most popular appliances today, which is why most kitchens have this brand on their countertops. It lives up to its name being the best kitchen aid or helper there is in the market. However, most of you who own this kind of mixer should know these common mistakes below so that you can avoid them.

Unfortunately, many own this brand, but few read the manual. You have to learn the methods to use your mixer correctly so that you can come up with the best dishes or desserts. If you take care of your mixer, you prolong its life and increase its durability. Read on below to become familiar with the most common mixer mistakes that owners make.

Putting the Speed on Too High 

Usually, you are excited to mix your batter, so the tendency is to put your Kitchenaid mixer on the highest setting. But, honestly, it is a crime to dump all your ingredients in the bowl and quickly turn the speed knob on the highest setting. Doing this assures that all your stuff in the bowl will come flying out, landing on your countertops. You also risk ruining your recipe.

For best results, play safe on the lowest setting and gradually build up your mixer’s momentum. This also ensures that your ingredient incorporates better. Most of all, this means you give your machine’s motor a chance to warm up, which is good for its longevity.

Forgetting To Test Mixing Bowl Clearance

Most mixer owners forget to test their mixing bowl clearance, which results in a massive error. When your clearance is too high, this means you are not blending your batter well enough. If it is too low, you can scratch the bottom of your mixing bowl. This is terrible because you can scrape your bowl, and you will damage the mixing apparatus.

For a quick fix, look for the tiny screw at the head of your mixer. You should turn it until you get the proper mixing bowl and mixer clearance. If you want your gadget to last long, test this out before your first use. As part of routine maintenance, you must also check this regularly because it is common for the screw to become loose with time and frequent use.

Working With an Unchilled Bowl

If you’ve ever tried whipping cream in your mixing bowl, but you ended up frustrated because it’s not doubling up in volume, your bowl and mixer are the culprits. For best results, make sure you chill your mixing bowl for batters that are sensitive to temperature. On top of that, you must also chill the paddle attachment. You can look forward to stiff peaks in no time.

Plugging the Outlet Into a Power Strip

You may be thinking that plugging all your appliances in a power strip is optimal. However, some gadgets like your mixer must be plugged directly into your wall electrical outlet. Do take note that your stand mixer will use a lot of power and energy. If you opt to channel such a large amount of wattage through your strip, you risk damaging your mixer’s motor or catching fire.

Using the Gadget Exclusively For Baking

If you think your mixer is only for baking, then you are not optimising your investment. A KitchenAid is not only for baking your fancy cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, etc. You can use your apparatus to shred meat, desiccate fruit, mash taters, mix dipping sauces, and the like. There are many recipes that can be made with this mixer.

Utilizing the Wrong Kind of Attachment

Your mixer comes with several kinds of attachments. Usually, there is a wire whip, a flat beater, and a dough hook. All are made for different purposes. The frosting is best with the wire whip, while tougher batter works with the dough hook. All the rest can be mixed with the traditional flat beater. Using the wrong kind of attachment may ruin your recipe, and it can also damage your attachment.

Final Word

After investing your hard-earned money on this premium quality brand, you have to make sure that you know how to use your mixer. If you don’t use your KitchenAid mixer correctly, you compromise the integrity of your machine. It will be such a waste if you don’t avoid these mistakes. A little tweaking on how you use it will result in massive improvements. You will yield better recipes, and you can be assured that your appliance can be used for a longer period.