6 Reasons You Should Undergo Orthopedic Invasive Spine Surgery

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Spine Surgery

When you hear about going under a surgeon’s knife, what comes to your mind? Most individuals shiver and gain massive fear even if the program eliminates their spine pain. Surgical operation for spinal condition may be initiated through traditional procedures or minimally invasive spine surgery. During the operation, Dr. Vinay Chopra uses a sequence of instruments to complete the entire operation. Successful operation is essential in treating spinal fusion and decomposition. The following are the 6 benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery.

i.                    Reduced complication risks

Traditional spinal surgery comprises a long incision essential for health practitioners to reach the affected spine region. Any form of open surgery has risks, including bleeding and infections. The minimally invasive process entails small incisions indicating that there are minimal chances of complications. Therefore, the surgery can be executed at outpatient facilities.

ii.                  Repair fractured bones and joints

In most cases, fractured joints or bones are controlled by either internal or external fixation by applying braces. This procedure is essential as it provides stability in the bones, which facilitates them to heal easily. 

iii.                Less Muscle damage risks

Spine surgery critically offers support and stability to the spine. Usually, open surgery leads to dragging muscles away from the affected area, which can damage soft tissue. On the other hand, it does not execute cutting of muscles or dragging muscles to some amount which reduces the dangers of damaging the muscle and the surrounding region.

iv.                Quick recovery

As a result of the smaller incision during the operation, you would take limited time to full recovery compared to major surgery. Furthermore, since there is less or zero muscle damage, patients are quickly discharged after this surgery. Normally, patients are discharged after one day of the operation.

v.                  The operation is not painful

In most cases, spinal surgery is performed to enable you to relieve compression of the spinal nerves that can bring pains in various body parts such as arms and legs. On the other hand, traditional surgery contains discomfort because of the larger incisions. If you receive minimally invasive surgery, you also experience reduced pain after the operation, preventing you from needing pain management medications.

vi.                Greater cosmetic outcomes

This type of surgery lacks long scars that may accompany other surgery options such as traditional, open surgery. In most instances, smaller incisions lead to less scarring and overall greater outcomes. Through advanced cutting technology, the process promises operation with greater accuracy, enhanced safety, and better functions. Additionally, after undertaking this type of surgery, you will likely prevent several common challenges, including physical therapy problems.

Although minimally spine surgery is one of the attractive options, it may be unavailable in some instances. It is possible to find patients that may not fit well with it because it is unsuitable for all spinal problems. Genesis Orthopedic and Spine, located in Westfield and West Orange, New Jersey, uses modernized technologies while offering surgery procedures. Therefore, you should plan a visit to the institution to know issues related to minimally invasive spinal surgery. Through this process, you would critically be able to weigh its advantages and disadvantages before coming to a conclusion.

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