6 Things You Need for the Perfect Outdoor Movie Party

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The idea of hosting a movie night is not uncommon, however, hosting it outdoors is something that adds a whole new dimension to this idea. First of all, it makes everything more interesting (experience-wise) and more complex (from the standpoint of logistics). In other words, chances are that the night will either be a huge success or a complete failure and the middle-ground is not quite likely. So, you need to do everything right. Here are the top six tips to help you push this party in the right direction.

Something simple

The very point of an outdoor movie night is to create a more casual environment. You see, when you invite your friends to an outdoor moviesflix party, they aren’t exactly expecting you to provide them with a theater-grade seating. Some blankets and seating cushions are more than enough. If you have enough of them, outdoor seating options can be just as good of an idea. Knowing the amount of space that you have for distributing this seating and setting it far enough from the screen is vital. So, walk around the location a bit and try to visualize what goes where.

Starter activity

The pre-game is just as important, which is why you need to have a starter activity all planned out. You see, regardless of how clear you are about the starting time, not everyone will arrive on time. Second, you can’t just outright play the movie without any introduction. Start by setting the mood, offering your guests some refreshments or chatting them up. A group photograph to commemorate the evening is also a great idea. 

Focus on the tech

The next issue worth resolving is the tech involved in the process. The screen is the first thing you need to worry about and here you have several options. You can invest in a projector and display the movie on a flat surface in your backyard. You can also place a TV screen somewhere outdoors. In other words, you need some reliable outdoor entertainment. Either way, you need a primary device that will have the movie on it. If you have a smart TV, you can always go for a streaming service. Other than this, you need to focus on the audio aspect of the screening. Having decent speakers can make or break the overall experience.

 Watch the forecast

Provided that you have a covered outdoor area, a mild rainfall shouldn’t disrupt your plans too much. However, a heavy rainfall, especially if falling sideways, can seriously mess with your electronics. Not to mention the fact that some of your invitees may be reluctant to swing by your place during such weather. The thing is that it’s far better to plan the event when the weather is favorable than to just try and wing it. Setting the right date will also help you with the organization.

Catering and refreshment

Depending on the nature of the movie, you might want to prepare some snacks and refreshments for your friends. So, you first need to figure out whether you’re aiming for something alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Also, you should really look towards catering and refreshments. Seeing as to how the tone is already quite casual, you shouldn’t lack ideas when it comes to styled foods to serve during your outdoor movie night. Popcorn and candy are always a great idea, however, you should also look towards various other alternatives.

The right light

The ultimate cinematographic experience requires a tad darker ambient so that the viewers can fully focus on the screen. The absence of light all around is what’s needed in order for the optimal viewing quality which is why you should schedule the screening for around 9 PM. The problem with this lies in the fact that loud noises may upset the neighbors. However, you can always invite the neighbors over as well. Also, the length of the movie and such a late start of the screening may ensure that the crowd doesn’t disperse until well after midnight.


At the end of the day, a perfect outdoor movie party is something quite subjective. The tone of the evening, the guests that you invite over and the movie that you pick will set the tone more than any logistical issue discussed above. The reason why we didn’t focus on these issues is that they really aren’t outdoor exclusive. They’re just movie party tips. The above-listed tips are merely enhancers to the movie night that will help you get the most out of these new circumstances. It is an effort well worth it.