7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Get Yourself a Tote Bag!

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Fashion is becoming less and less restricted to elite designer bags and instead has extended to bags that have more utility functions than just tags. Namely, tote bags have become immensely popular for their casual look and usefulness. These bags come under various price ranges to suit your budget and are mostly sturdy and spacious to match your needs. They also come embellished in various designs to go according to your mood. In the segment below there are the reasons why tote bags are your go-to bags for any occasion. 

Tote Bags

Tote bags can be carried anywhere with all your needful things inside them.

Suits Variety of Tastes

Handbags or clutches generally come in sophisticated and solid styles and cover. For the most time, a handbag does not come decked with bohemian patterns. A tote bag, on the other hand, comes in various moods and adornments. Tote bags have such variety in designs and prints, it seems like for every bag out there is a tote bag. They are available in solids, bohemian prints, monochrome, striped and many more. It often becomes a reflection of the woman’s personality who is carrying it because of its printed quotes. 

Carrying a Laptop is No More Difficult for Ladies

Women have struggled with carrying their laptops around and the struggle has ended with the invention of tote bags. A tote bag helps you carry your laptop around easily without having to haul a laptop bag which often does not go well with some apparel. A tote bag goes well with every attire, be it casual jeans and shirt, a saree or formals. Its sturdiness allows it to bear the weight of your laptop with ease. Now you can carry around your laptop in style. If you want to grab a movie after a presentation, you need not worry about your backpack, flaunt your tote confidently. 

A Boon for Mothers

Mothers have to carry the entire world with them for their little babies. Be it a short visit to a friend’s place or a restaurant, a mother has to carry with her a lot of stuff like diapers, baby food, and water, some toys to keep the child engaged, wipes, a change of clothes, towels, etc. Often we see women in malls carrying a whole different bag for this purpose because evidently, their handbags are too small. It must be so difficult to carry multiple bags and simultaneously look after a child. A tote bag can change your life if you are a mother and need a bag to stuff all your baby’s essential in one. 

Its Variety and Reusability

Tote bags come in almost every material available in the market, plastic, leather, canvas, PVC, cotton, silk, etc. Its variety is baffling and can probably take a considerable amount of your time before you can decide which one you should purchase. You may even end up buying more than one for they are amazing. A tote bag is also eco-friendly for it can be washed and reused. You need not throw it away once it gets dirty. An old tote bag can be used for shopping purposes as well. You can avoid getting plastic bags and just stuff your old tote bag with the items bought. 


A tote bag, unlike any other bag, can be used for every purpose. Often people have separate bags for separate occasions but these bags mold themselves with any occasion, be it office, college, trips or dates. It is so spacious that you can literally carry everything with you. Often women have to carry around with them a lot of things starting from wallets to self-defense kit, and a tote bag serves the best for this purpose. Even in case of a trip, a tote bag is large enough to keep essentials like your money, documents, keys, etc. within reach, else you will have to rummage through your luggage every time you need something.

Comes in all Price Range

If you are looking for a designer tote bag, you will easily get one. However, if you are tight on your budget and cannot afford it, do not worry, for tote bags range from as low as 399 INR to a range of thousands. This is a salient feature of tote bags that they come in a wide range for you to choose from.


We all crave for a bag that is durable. In pursuit of this, we often go to the end of investing a large sum of money to achieve that. A tote bag serves exactly this purpose at a much lower price. You may use it all day long and still it will not tire. An average tote bag will last up to two whole years or more. Also, if you plan on buying a leather one, it can last up to more than three years. It is often washable and thus you need not back out from using it every day.

Tote bags are a partnership between practicality and fashion. Almost every woman today has a tote bag and swears by it. Its usefulness and variety have made it the queen of bags. So if you still have not got one or looking for another one to go in your collection, look up for tote bags online and get one right now!