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7 Essential Tips To Easily Increase The Traffic On Your Website In 2020

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There are so many ways to promote a project online, however, the issue of attracting traffic to the site is the one that will be always relevant. 2020 is making its adjustments, and this year you need to use a whole mix of approaches — from old and proven ways to promote a site to new and trendy methods of attracting and retaining your target audience. We’ve analyzed the most important approaches that will be relevant in 2020 and share them with you in our article.

Use the Power of Guest Posting and Get Backlinks

Yes, do not be surprised, guest posting and backlinks still work. And they work pretty well with the right approach. In 2020, Google will also consider the presence of backlinks from reputable sources a worthy indicator, and the reason to improve your position in search results. Reasonable cooperation with the owners of other sites will still help to exchange audiences. So here are a few tips.

  • Choose only reputable sites to place your guest posts. And it’s even not necessary to look for them manually – you can use the Adsy guest posting service to find not only suitable sites but also authors who will help you with content creation.
  • Invite owners of other sites related to your topic to post their guest posts on your platform. But be careful – publish only really high-quality articles so as not to lose the trust of your target audience.

Take the Voice Search into Account

Voice search is one of the trends of the coming year. It is expected that more and more users will use this feature to search for information, products, and services. And also this means that the approach to search will change. 

Now users will ask more focused and lively requests – in exact accordance with everyday speech. For example, if earlier most of the text queries looked like “buy bag new york”, now potential buyers will ask their question as if they are talking with a real interlocutor – “where to buy a bag in New York?”.

The response form to the user request will also change. And now users will receive a response right on the search page in the shortest but most meaningful way.

Therefore, we recommend that you make a list of possible questions that are suitable for your site and topic, and think through concise answers to each of them in order to gradually take a leading position in search results by voice request.

Improve Your Website’s Loading Speed 

You have no more than five seconds until your user’s desire to visit your site has disappeared forever. In fact, it doesn’t even make sense to talk about methods to attract a new target audience and increase traffic if your site is lame technically. And its loading speed is one of the first and key indicators. Most users will simply close the page if the site does not load in 5 seconds or less.

Therefore, check this indicator before you perform all other actions. And also make sure that your site works fine with mobile – the share of mobile traffic will also not decrease in 2020.

Translate and Localize Your Website

Online space erases borders, and a developed logistics system helps users to choose foreign goods and services as well. But despite this, most of them prefer to interact with the site in their native language. Think about it. The presence of multilingual versions is one more signal that your site is trustworthy, and you, as a business owner, care about all categories of your potential customers.

However, it is not enough to make a literal translation. It is also necessary to take into account cultural and linguistic differences, the perceptions of users of different nationalities, and their mentality. This process is called localization and involves a deeper development of the site than just machine translation. Pay attention to the usability of your multilingual versions if you want to reach foreign target audiences and go global. 

Repurpose Your Content

Quality content is the top priority for users and search engines as well. However, it is not necessary to start creating new materials right now. Think about how you can give new life to the most popular articles on your blog. Here are some tips.

  • If you have an extensive study with lots of scientifically proven statistical and factual data, turn it into an infographic. It’s easy to do it with Canva.
  • Use the skills acquired in college – and turn one of your articles into slideshows with graphs and illustrations.
  • If you have material where you explain a specific concept to the user, for example, how your service works, do it visually using the whiteboard explanation video.

Hint! Add transcriptions to your video to improve engagement and get better search engine promotion.

However, you shouldn’t be limited to repurposing the materials you already have. There are always a lot of new trends users want to discover. So, keep your content strategy fresh to attract your target audience. SureSureu, it needs your time, however, you may always compare Online Writers Rating and find the Best Writers Online with the help of custom writing services review platforms. 

Get in Touch with Influencers and Industry Leaders

Modern users no longer believe advertising, but believe influencers and recognized industry experts. Working with these people is a good way to increase user confidence in your content, and make it more meaningful. Just quote an expert in one of your articles.

And by the way, you can easily write to this person on a social network and give a link to your article. If your article is really high-quality and interesting, it is possible that the expert or influencer you quoted, will share it with his target audience, and then a huge coverage is guaranteed.

Make Use of Contests and Giveaways

This is not a direct way to increase traffic, however, when you attract the attention of users with something free, there is a high probability that they will come to your site. Plus, you can come up with special conditions for the competition to guarantee increased traffic – for example, create a registration form for the competition and post it on the site. However, do not overdo the number of conditions – otherwise, users will lose their desire to fulfill them. Going to the site, filling out a two-line form (name and email address) will be enough.

Hint! Use the email address you received for your email marketing strategy.


In 2020, content quality and user-friendliness remain the first priorities when promoting a site. Keep the focus on these key points, and use the tips from our article for the best results.