7 Most Common Materials for Rolled Ring Forging

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Rolled ring forging begins with the formation of a workpiece through a method known as open die forging. This method allows for a piece of stock to be processed to permit the grain flow of the metal before a whole is created at its center. The final piece of result is a circular form of metal, shaped into a hollow form mostly known as a “doughnut-shape”. 

The creation of this hole allows the manufacturer to put the component in the ring mill. The ring is then heated and rotated to reduce the thickness of the walls and to increase the diameter of the ring that will eventually form.

This method is used in different sectors including but not limited to the nuclear industry, pharmaceutical companies, and machine shops.

1. Carbon

Carbon steel is always a good option when deciding on what type of metal to use for the process. Rolled rings made from carbon are more often than not offer benefits that are very practical and tangible. This in turn saves you money and time as a result of the nature of the product. It saves you money because carbon steel is very cost-effective and works in several applications. The rolled ring metal forging process strengthens the steel thereby making it more durable.

The forging process creates strength which forces porosity from the metal in turn creating a consistent grain flow. This newly added strength lowers the chance of part failure. This process also gives the rings a high exacting tolerance. The result is rings that are of high quality and that meet your needs.

2. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel offers many unique properties, making it the perfect choice of material. This metal is corrosion-resistant; this means that it can withstand continued exposure to highly corrosive environments. It offers hygienic options that are it can be frequently cleaned and sanitized. This makes it the perfect metal for industries that need to maintain high hygienic standards. 

Stainless steel is also a heat-resistant metal, it is, therefore, able to withstand scaling and remain strong even where high temperatures are involved. It has high durability and is, therefore, able to withstand high conditions and still perform well. This metal also creates rolled rings with great stability and strength. Due to their easy maintenance and brightness, they grant your rings a beautiful appearance.

3. Aluminum 

Rings made from aluminum are light in weight, are extremely durable, and can resist corrosion. This makes aluminum a qualified candidate in the manufacture of rolled rings.

The above specifications also make aluminum the best metal for the type of high distress that comes with the defense and air industries. The low density that comes with forged aluminum as opposed to that of steel makes it the best candidate for the air industry.

Aluminum rings are rolled at a much slower rate due to their malleability

4. Inconel

This type of alloy belongs to the same family as austenitic nickel or chromium alloys. It is resistant to oxidation and can maintain its structure even after it is exposed to excessively high temperatures. This type of alloy is mostly used where the materials required would otherwise end up corroded as a result of cracks caused by stress corrosion, high purity water, or caustic corrosion.

This type of ring is common in the food processing industry, in the production of jet engine parts, cryogenic tanks, and the airline industry.

5. Waspaloy

This alloy is a nickel-based superalloy. It is famous for the great strength that allows it to withstand extremely high temperatures (between 1800-980 degrees Celsius). Due to its difficult nature to weld its best used on materials that are in a solution-annealed environment. it is also great for use around conditions that are extreme due to its immunity against oxidation in gas turbine environments.

It’s mostly used in gas turbine blades, shafts, rings, and turbine disks

6. Hastelloy

This is a combination of chromium/nickel/iron/molybdenum alloy. It is oxidant resistant and extremely high temperatures. This alloy is easy to recreate and is ductile which means it can withstand high exposure to temperatures (870 degrees) for 16,000 hours.

It is used in parts of gas-turbine combustion zones such as spray bars, combustor cans, and flame holders. It can also be found as part of industrial furnaces and in furnaces baffles, retorts, and muffles in the chemical industry.

It is created between 1215 degrees and 840 degrees.

7. Titanium

Due to its excellent strength to weight aspect and also its corrosion resistance, forged titanium often gets used in heavy industries.

Titanium’s properties are what make it a great forging material. It has 

● Great hydrogen storage

● Its superconductivity

● Its shape memory

● Low resistance to damping, elasticity modulus, great thermal conductivity, non-magnetic, and its low density

● High temperature, oxidizes easily, its high strength and heat resistance

The main features of Titanium forged rings are

● It has great corrosion resistance

● Low density

● It offers some high heat resistance

● It has a great strength weight ratio

● It performs well in low temperatures

● It’s not magnetic

Due to the anti-corrosive aspects of titanium, it makes it a great choice for marine, saltwater, and offshore environments. They are also great for aerospace due to their low density and defense as well as industrial industries due to their ability to stand high heat.

Titanium forgings are used in the production of

● Pressure vessels

● Heat exchangers

● Submarines and ships

● Aircraft, helicopters, and rockets

It is also applied when treating water, desalination, medical technologies, and power generation 

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