7 Most Gorgeous Diesel Watches For Men

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Diesel is an Italian fashion label founded in 1978 by designer Renzo Rosso. Diesel was considered an alternative fuel at the time, and Rosso wanted his company to be distinct from the traditional jeans conglomerates. Diesel now sells denim, footwear, fragrance, eyewear, and a variety of other accessories, including watches.

Diesel watches are bold and powerful statement pieces that are sure to draw attention to your wrist. They are well-known for their large oversized watches as well as their urban style. The majority of the models produced have an exceptional design, vibrant colors, or enormous size. These edgy, eye-catching watches dare to be different while still maintaining a luxury edge in their design.

A significant proportion of Diesel watches are reasonably priced and represent good value for money when compared to other similar designer fashion brands. Here’s a list of gorgeous Diesel watches.

  1. Men’s Mr. Daddy

One of the gorgeous Diesel watches is the very huge Mr. Daddy 2.0, which measures 57 mm in diameter. This eye-catching watch from 2017 has a stainless steel case and a gold-tone bracelet. The black textured dial features a three-hand analog display with a date aperture and three chronograph sub-dials. A flat mineral window protects the face.

A sturdy crown and five pushers on the bezel allow you to adjust the time for multiple time zones. The watch is waterproof to approximately 100 feet. The model comes in a variety of materials and colors, and it has a complicated design.

  1. Men’s Boltdown

The successful color combination of a blue face and a brown strap gives this 2019 gent’s timepiece a sleek appearance. The watch’s size is also notable: it measures 56 mm in diameter. There is a three-hand basic dial and two subdials for time indication in two different time zones. Two chronographs further complicate the main display.

The face looks very stylish thanks to the subtle red accents. Wearers can keep track of the days by using the date window. The extremely durable steel construction is complemented by a soft leather strap. The watch is waterproof to a depth of 100 feet.

  1. Men’s Mega Chief

From a 51 mm round face, this 2019 model is sure to draw attention. It provides functionality in a variety of ways. The watch has a white dial with a date display and three chronograph spheres. The three hands, which are performed in black and red, complement the dial color well. The Mega Chief is suitable for swimming due to its impressive water resistance rating (330 ft).

The watch has an adjustable woven band with silicone letters spelling out the brand’s name. This watch is available in a variety of case colors and band materials, and it also maintains accurate time. It fits snugly around the wrist.

  1. Men’s Uber Chief

Another notable model released in 2018 was the Uber Chief. The watch has a classic appearance and is made of gunmetal stainless steel with red and blue accents. It has a 55 mm case and a textured dial with Arabic numerals and four-time zones. This is a useful feature for people who travel frequently or have business partners in different parts of the world. It is waterproof up to a depth of 330 feet.

  1. Men’s Little Daddy

This round-shaped 2018 model from the Only the Brave collection is made of gold-tone stainless steel. The 52 mm case houses a three-hand black corrugated dial with two time zones, a date window, and three chronographs. The crown and pushers for adjusting the time are massive and beautifully designed. On men’s wrists, the Little Daddy looks fantastic. The 100-foot water resistance level allows for brief immersion in water.

  1. Men’s Full Guard 2.5 Smartwatch

The Guard 2.5 is the latest smartwatch that was created in 2018. It’s all black, with a stainless steel case and a digital display. The watch’s superior functionality will drive any wearer insane. The device includes a time display, a music player and storage, a fitness tracker, text messaging, a heart rate monitor, an alarm clock, a sleep monitor, a calendar, voice control, GPS, multiple time zones, phone notifications, and other features. It can monitor the user’s location, distance, calories, and activity.

The battery life is estimated to be 24 hours. The watch is powered by Google’s Wear OS and is compatible with Android and iPhone. The watch is accompanied by a black corrugated silicone strap. It has a water depth of 165 feet.

  1. Men’s Double Down

The Double Down is a massive watch with a diameter of 58 mm. It has a striking appearance when performed in red. The case of the watch is made of stainless steel and has a silicone knurled edge. The refined gunmetal dial has three chronograph spheres (for seconds, minutes, and hours) and red hour markers in Arabic indices. It is water-resistant to 165 feet. The watch can be used in the shower thanks to its red silicone band.


Donning a Diesel watch signifies that the wearer is as distinct as the watch itself. The selection includes men’s sports and skeleton items. Numerous stunning models and hybrid smartwatches will astound you. Diesel should be on your sensor if you want a good and exclusive watch.