7 Reasons Why Keeping Your Old Car Is Better Than Buying a New Tesla

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There are a lot of reasons why keeping your old car is better than buying a new Tesla. For one thing, Teslas are expensive to purchase and even with buying a used one,  they can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The problems with this vehicle are many, and they range from weight and size to reliability. The list goes on, but here are the top three reasons for why owning an older model vehicle is a good idea.

Keeping your old car offers many benefits that owners do not realize.  First off, old cars are generally reliable. You have driven your car long enough to know how to drive it, how to keep up with the maintenance, and generally all the “how to’s” of owning your car. If something needs tuning or updated, you generally have a reliable mechanic or place that you can take your car to without the hassle of searching for reliable help.  All cars will have problems, no matter how much time you’ve put into maintaining it, but a Tesla has had trouble with the battery. The biggest issue was the speed of the battery charging, which could be rather dangerous in heavy traffic. Other problems include the noise that comes from the motor, which can become quite annoying at times. 

If you buy a new Tesla and any issues arise, you now then have to look into the best mechanic for a Tesla. The place you take your new car to is important, but also finding a good mechanic to look at your Tesla will be just as difficult. Tesla can be known as more of a foreign car because not a lot of people are used to working on this type of car.  Moreover, even with just the day to day of maintenance, you are going to have to put in a lot of time and research and look for reliable places to take your new car. Aside from just the basics, a simple car wash will require doing your homework. What is the paint like, what type of pressure should be used on it. Things like this all require more in depth thinking and planning. 

Another reason for keeping your old car is because it’s more affordable. When you factor in the cost of insurance, gas, maintenance and general wear and tear on a vehicle, there can be a big hole there. Owning an older model means that you don’t have to buy brand new tires and parts, which cut down on your expenses. Also, Teslas are expensive to repair, so you’ll save money there as well. Owning an older model means that you know that they will last longer and perform better than newer vehicles. With this, it is also a good idea to invest in extended warranty to protect your old car. Some question if they should keep their old cars or wonder if they should buy an extended warranty for their car. Doing your research online is a good idea and searching reputable sites such as is a good place to start.  Investing your money into a quality warranty is just as important as purchasing the car itself. Even if it is old and it’s regular warranty expires, an extended one will save you more money in the long run than a Tesla. 

The third reason is simple. A lot of people love their old cars, and you can too. Not only do people get nostalgia for the cars they had when they were younger, but also for the memories that go along with driving a car. Owning a model that has been passed down through the family makes it fun to drive, and you’ll see this in the eyes of your children too.

The fourth reason is because Teslas can be unreliable. Even though old cars you have to put gas in them, Teslas will require you to know where all charging stations are. There are many gas stations around whereas an electric car like a Tesla requires an electric recharge. 

The fifth reason is because Teslas are quite expensive vehicles. If you’re looking at making major alterations to your vehicle, such as installing a new stereo system or changing the paint color, you might have to spend a great deal of money. However, when you own an older model, you will find that these types of modifications are much easier to perform and don’t require as much of an investment. Therefore, if you are on a budget, purchasing a used Teslarati is the best option. The value is still great, and you won’t be putting yourself at risk because of a lack of money.

The sixth reason why keeping your old car is better than buying a new Tesla is because it will last just as long. As long as you keep up the regular maintenance on it and don’t subject it to harsh elements, you should be able to enjoy many years of use from it. With newer vehicles, you have to worry about purchasing a new one every couple of years or so, and you will have to spend more money during those years because you will have to replace the parts of your car that wear out or need replacing. If you buy a used Toshiba, however, this isn’t a problem. You can enjoy as long as you want with it, and it won’t cost you nearly as much money as it would to purchase a new car.

Finally, the seventh reason why keeping your old car is better than buying a new Tesla is because you can easily find a good price for it. These models of cars are highly popular, and they sell like hotcakes. As a result, they don’t have the same pricing issues that other older models have, and you can get a great car for a good price. Therefore, you will be able to save quite a bit of money, which will make your car payments go down a lot.