7 Things To Consider Before Buying New Speakers

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Speakers are a prized possession when it comes to listening to music or watching movies in your home. Speakers play a crucial part in many devices such as mobiles, tablets, television, headphones,  and computer systems with their main purpose being to provide sound to the user.

The need for standalone speaker systems is increasing day by day. These range from really expensive headphones such as the focal utopia to huge All in one home theatre systems from JBL.

Buying a speaker is not the same as buying any other device. There are many factors such as sound quality, design, size, price and specifications to consider.

Today we will look at 7 things to consider when you are buying new speakers.

Type Of Speakers

There is a wide variety of speakers available from different brands around the world. On-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, floor standings speakers, bookshelf speakers, satellite speakers, and subwoofers are a few types that are available in the market.

On-wall speakers can be plugged in directly and mounted easily on the wall without requiring any special equipment. In the case of in-ceiling speakers, the speakers need special equipment and fixtures to be installed on the ceiling first.

Floor standing and bookshelf speakers are usually accompanied by drivers and power amplifiers and have great quality sound, but they consume a lot of space and are costly.

Satellite speakers are usually accompanied with subwoofers and create close and compact sound.

Portable speakers like Bluetooth speakers are great for carrying around in your backpack during outdoor trips.

Soundbars are usually a good option for a television set and enhance the sound of your TV without consuming too much space.

You should consider the type of speaker that is suitable for you and your requirements.


The price you pay for new speakers should be considered when buying them. There are many options available in the market ranging from really expensive to very cheap. You should buy something that is easy on your wallet and fulfills your audio needs.

There are many options available from cheap Bluetooth speakers to expensive home theatres systems on the market. Some of them are listed below

Logitech z623 are great speakers for your computer and cost around 103 dollars. They are affordable and have a powerful subwoofer to provide great bass.

Backes Muller BM100 is a very expensive home theatre system costing around 500,000 dollars and provides you with the experience of a cinema theatre at your home.

Not all expensive speaker systems are good, so you should buy something that is suitable for you and is easy on your wallet.

Room Size

When it comes to buying a new speaker system, size does matter. Think carefully about the size of the room where the speakers are going to be placed. Generally, the smaller the room, the smaller the speakers.

If you purchase large floor-standing speakers for a small apartment, you might end up with a speaker system that sounds overripe in low frequencies.

If you get small speakers like studio monitors or bookshelf speakers for a large room, you will suffer from bad bass performance and low volume levels.

So it is a good idea to consider the size of the room you are going to place the speakers in.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is a very personal preference. Everybody has a different taste, so, something that might sound great to one person may end up sounding mediocre to another. There are no “best” models available in the market. Price plays a huge factor in defining the sound quality of a speaker, but usually, that is not true.

It a good practice to try out whatever speaker you are looking to purchase. Try different models of different price ranges and play on it music you are familiar with. Bring along a cd of your favorite music and ask the salesperson to give you a demo of the speakers you have shortlisted.

Compatibility with other Components

Speakers should be connected to amplifiers to provide better sound and allow them to function at their peak power. The matching is done better when you use the same components from the same manufacturer. 

These manufacturers usually provide accurate specifications and instructions on how their audio products should be connected.

So it a good practice to get all your speakers and their accompanying components from the same manufacturer.

Type Of Enclosure

Another thing to consider is the type of enclosure you choose. The speaker enclosure has an important role in defining the quality of sound a speaker produces. Generally, there are two types of speaker enclosures available on the market. One is called closed-back, and the other is called open-back.

Closed-back speakers usually provide a tight and accurate bass response while open-back speakers provide a prolonged bass response.

Open back speakers are more power-efficient and provide a louder sound when connected to the same amplifier as the closed-back speaker.

However, they usually sacrifice bass accuracy when played at a louder volume level.

Choosing The Right Cables

As well as purchasing speakers themselves, it is a good practice to get good quality cables along with them. The cables provided with the speakers don’t usually allow them to perform at their optimum levels. It is imperative that you use good quality cables as a set of speakers is only as good as the wires that connect them.

The use of bad quality cables can result in loss of signal, and these cheap cables usually deteriorate over time. There are many options available on the market for good quality audiophile cables.

A set of good quality cables can go a long way in providing great sound and could last you longer as they are made up of pure 99% copper.

The Final Words

Not only purchasing expensive high-end speakers is enough! Proper positioning, proper installation and the above-mentioned things should be taken under consideration while purchasing a speaker system.

Focusing on what type of speaker you want should be your decision. Whenever you are going to buy something, it is a good idea to ask the salesperson for a demo, especially in the case of a speaker.

Some speakers sound the best when they are installed on the ceiling while others sound best when they are placed properly around a room at a 60-degree angle.

Accompanied by the right type of good quality cables, you too can have a great experience while listening to your favorite music or watching a drama serial or movie that you love.

Today we have made you aware of some of the things to take into consideration when spending your hard-earned money on a new speaker system you have had your eye on.