7 Ways to Improve a Law Firm SEO

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The benefit of having an SEO for attorneys is well-defined. The use of SEO is the ultimate way to improve a website search result ranking across all platforms. The technique is important, especially for lawyers, because a first-page ranking always results in client traffic because of the perceived credibility that has been built through the website. 

It is important to choose a set of targeted keywords to set up the site so that consumers can easily land on your website to sort what they need. 96% of people use the internet to look for a lawyer when in need of a legal procedure; a clear indication that the competition must be stiff between law firms. It is important to incorporate the proper use of SEO to significantly help your firm.

How Does SEO Work?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website to get organic traffic from the search engine results page. The process is made possible by going from site to site of what you are interested in and collecting information about the pages and analyzing them to note the ranking factors and determine what needs to be embodied in your website to be ranked higher in the search results.

How to Improve Your Law Firm’s SEO

1. Determine Your Law Firm Target Keywords

The first step in optimizing your website is to ensure that you know what kind of searches you want your law firms to rank. If you are a law firm with a name like Chetson Firm, consider your main area of practice or your location for keywords as a place to begin. 

Write down the possible keywords that people will associate with your firm and go to Google to research the results when you enter these keywords. Make sure the keywords are aligned in practice to create unstoppable traffic towards your law firm.

2. Get Reviews

A prospective client is likely to trust your firm for legal services if your website displays online reviews. The rating should be high for clients to be drawn to your page. Keep a record of the testimonials to gain the respect you deserve in your specialization—the more the positive reviews, the better the traffic to your site.

3. Avoid Intense Legalese

Legalese is the formal and technical language of legal documents. Lawyers are exceptional writers. However, the use of legal jargon can be difficult for an everyday person to understand. Instead, pick on a set of words that anyone can understand to gain a higher search ranking.

4. Customize How Your Law Firm Appears in Search Results

Ensure that you use metadata that shows what your page entails. Give your target audience a quick summary of what to expect from your firm using title tags or metadata description, and don’t forget to optimize them for better results.

5. Improve Your Website Load Speed

Use a content management system to remove anything on the website that is no longer used to boost the page speed. Also, minimize HTTP requests required to download graphics and save photos as JPGs as they load faster. How fast your site loads is important to build credibility with clients

6. Increase of Visual Appeal

Consider adding videos and up to date web designs to make your website mobile-friendly. The aesthetics of your page will draw clients to your legal services.

7. Improve Law Firm SEO with Google My Business Profile

Google My Business Profile allows improving how your law firm shows up in a Google search, providing clients with all the comprehensive information they need. The profile is quick, and when properly optimized, can attract several clients to your firm. For better results, keep your website updated with accurate information and ask clients to leave reviews.

SEO Is the Best Marketing Technique for Law Firms

Most people start their search for service or product online. Equipping your law firm with proper SEO techniques can help you gain a distinct advantage over competitors. Therefore, search engine optimization is arguably the most reliable and profitable marketing tactic.