A Brief Guide to the Ccnp Enterprise Exam – Everything You Needs to Know

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The computer networking and data management sector has a lot of demand for new talent. As more and more of our world transitions online, this demand is only going to increase. This is great news for anyone aspiring to work in the networking industry one day. But, solidifying that dream requires a lot of effort and a few certificates. One of the most important certifications is the CCNP enterprise.

What is the CCNP enterprise exam?

CCNP enterprise is a skill evaluation test, just like the other CCNA exams. The difference being that CCNP focuses heavily on networking and IT implementations for large enterprises (Learn more here). This difference is critical as the systems involved in managing large enterprises tend to be vastly different from the IT systems used in a normal large business. The certification covers every enterprise networking job, from network engineer to network technician.

Does CCNP get you a high-paying job?

Yes, it does. But just like any other job, the final salary is not fixed and depends on a lot of variables. Most of these variables are in your control, like your own capabilities and expertise in a given topic. But there are also variables like the financial position of the business etc., that you have no control over. The average salary for someone with a CCNP enterprise certification starts from a minimum of around $50,000 and can easily go beyond six figures. Visit Spoto to get started with the preparation.

Is CCNA necessary for CCNP?

No, there are no official requirements to go through CCNA for getting a chance at the CCNP enterprise exam. This would’ve been different a few years ago. But the entire Cisco certification structure changed in February of 2020. Now there are no prerequisite exams required to attempt at CCNP enterprise or any other high-level test.

It is, however, recommended that you do pass the CCNA in addition to your CCNP enterprise exam. Doing so will further increase your knowledge and expertise. It’ll also make your resume stronger and let you stand out from the large crowd of candidates applying for a job.

Final verdict:

The CCNP enterprise exam is an amazingly crafted evaluation of one’s skills in the network industry. So, the reliance of employers on this one exam is fairly understandable. Besides, most of the networking hardware and software is provided by Cisco, giving this test even more value.