A Degree in Social Media: The What and The Why

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Ten years ago, the idea of doing a degree in social media was almost laughable; in fact, the adoption of social media had barely begun. 

Nowadays, the world has become an extremely socialized place, and people worldwide are seeking a career in social media. 

Skills Vs. Employability

What was once considered a skill you could only learn from personal experience; has now turned into a degree that anyone can study. 

Deciding to take a degree-level course is an important decision for anyone, but with online degrees like a B.A. in Social Media Management Point Park University available, it’s well worth looking into.

What Can You Achieve?

What can you achieve from a degree in social media, and how much can it help you? For starters, on completion of a degree in Social Media Management, you can expect to receive some amazing career opportunities. 

Due to its growing popularity as an industry, those who are able to work within Social Media will be sure to find work over the next few years, and the jobs available will range from social media managers to marketing specialists. 

What Will Your Course Cover?

Whether you’re looking to start your career or are seeking a career change, a degree in Social Media is worth considering. 

From a technical perspective, you’ll be taught how to create and manage social media accounts and how to create videos and images for the most popular social platforms. 

You’ll also learn about the psychology behind social media and how to use it in a way that benefits your company. 

From a practical angle, you will learn the key tools used by both marketers and advertisers within their day-to-day activities. At the end of your course, you will be able to tailor your degree to meet your needs, so don’t worry if you’re not looking for a traditional university experience!

Why Choose a Social Media Degree? 

Combining skills with online learning has created an industry where college degrees are almost unavoidable. 

If you choose a Social Media degree, you can be sure that you’ll receive a quality education while also ensuring that your skills are in demand.

Learning online can be a one-way street for students when it comes to receiving feedback on work, but a Social Media degree ensures that you learn from teachers and other students to get the best out of your experience. 

What Are You Waiting for?

As an industry, Social Media will continue to grow, and it might even be worth getting in on the ground floor now. If you’re looking for a career with a future, this is exactly the opportunity that will be able to provide this.

Careers in social media and adjoining industries like marketing are extremely flexible, and with enough demand, you will be able to create a career that is suited to your own style of work.

Marketing as a career field has exploded in popularity in the last ten years, and the skills that are needed to take advantage of this are basic and can be learned quickly if you take the time to learn. 

Taking a course in Social Media is, in fact, a great way to begin your career. Why don’t you give it a go?