A Great Place to Visit to Escape the Sun-Kodaikanal

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When you are looking for a quick getaway from this heat, then the place you want to visit should have hills and chilly breeze. There are so many places in India, but if you have not thought of Kodaikanal then you are missing so much. This place has its own beauty and it has all the charms to take you away. So if you have thought of it as your next trip place, then we are something for you below in this article. We will tell all about this place, what the main attractions of this place are and what the best time to visit kodaikanal isThis could be a great treat for you from the hot and humid climate which prevails in India during summers.


We will start with the meaning of its name, and it says ‘The Gift of the Forests’. Kodaikanal is a hill station located in the eastward regions of the Western Ghats in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is generally regarded as the princess of hill stations and it is located at 7000 ft above sea level. This one of the finest places to visit in Tamil Nadu when you want to get away from that scorching heat of summers in India. There are so many attractive landscapes along with the beautiful dense forests, some amazing huge rocks along with the lake, waterfalls, and also the main attraction is with hillsides carpeted with trees. When you think of visiting this place, you will be very much happy by seeing the beauty which beholds in the atmosphere of this hill station. Your eyes will just light up by the picturesque charm that God has endowed on this place.

Going back in times, this is actually the hill station which was found by the Britishers to enjoy a good time during the summers. The British missionaries in the 19th century used it as a treat. This is in the bucket list of so many people who are willing to enjoy some new things and have a great view of many green hillocks, beautiful valleys and the all overstretched the misty blue skies which have their own hues that melt in the eyes. Those beautiful waterfalls are just the right place who the souls who are nature lovers. 

This place comes with a pleasant climate which remains there throughout the year, along with the relics of the colonial era and offering a leisurely pace of life, is successful in making so many tourist captives of its beauty. The rows of pine forests along the roads will give a charming feeling while visiting this place at the best time. So, if you are wondering what the best time to visit this place is,then we are here mentioning the season-wise details to visit this place. There are three main seasons in this place, and we are going to dig deep into the details which are associated with these seasons.

October to March – Winters

Kodaikanal experiences the winter in the months between October and March, and they are regarded as the best time when you are heading towards this beautiful hill station. Winter here in Kodaikanal is a honeymoon season, and they there are so many couples which you will see come visiting this place at this time of the year. There you will be able to enjoy the cold days and some chilly breeze that will give you some comfortable and refreshing break which you have always dreamt in the mountains.

There are so many activities which are outdoor and you can make the best of them like planning a visit to temples, beautiful parks, some great lakes, and there are trekking and boating as well. But if you are thinking of visiting this place in January, and then do not forget to attend the auspicious festival of Pongal, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm here.

April to June – Summers

Now coming to the summers in this place, the months from April to June are the summer months here. In the summer here at this time, you will be able to enjoy the pleasant, breezy days which are surely perfect for the outdoor activities. The nights become a little bit cool here and this time is the best time if you have a purpose of sightseeing, along with trekking or if you are interested in doing other outdoor attractions. You can enjoy the star gazing at this place which will give you a lifetime of experience. Also, the Kodai Lake which is a star-shaped artificial lake and Berijam Lake are also main attraction due to their blue waters which turns out to be very soothing to the eyes.

Also, during summers, there is a Grand Annual Summer Festival which takes place for 10 days festival and it is the main tourist attraction. This festival includes various fun activities like the fruit exhibitions, very amusing boat races, and the breath-taking classical dance performances which are paired with the melodious musicals. There are so many vibrant-coloured flower artworks and there are also cultural programs which have competitions like rangoli, kabaddi, and the main attraction could be the fishing contests and food stalls.

July to September – Monsoons

The months of June to September are the monsoon months for Kodaikanal. The place is good to visit at this time too but it will be wet all the times. There will be frequent showers which might hamper the sightseeing fun and there could be slippery slopes which will surely make the outdoor activities riskier and not fun. But the good thing is that you get to see the lush green around the place as the hills will turn into lush green slopes which will paint the perfect picturesque experience for you while the stay.

Although it remains the favourite destination to visit throughout the year, the best time to visit this place is in summers when you can enjoy the beautiful scenery it has. You will get lost in the beauty of this place that they will be cherishing those memories again and again.