A to Z of Solar Inverter Batteries for Your Home

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Solar panel systems are undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing energy sources in India. These systems owe this popularity to their cost-effective and environment-friendly attributes that make them an incredibly lucrative choice.

The popularity of solar panels has given rise to another eco-friendly technology that can significantly increase the efficiency of solar panels –solar inverter batteries. Solar batteries can store extra energy for later use and allow you to use your appliances even during an outage. Here we discuss everything you must know about solar batteries and how they can be used to make your solar panel systems even more useful.

How do Solar Batteries Store Energy?

Solar batteries store the energy generated by the solar panels and supply this energy at the time of an outage. These batteries use an inverter to provide integrated energy conversion making sure your appliances keep running even when there’s no power being generated by the solar panels.

If you have a solar battery installed along with your solar panel system, you can store excess energy instead of supplying it to the grid. If your solar panel is generating more energy than you’re utilizing, the remaining energy charges up the solar power battery.

This energy can later be drawn to use at night or when your solar panel is not generating electricity. This means that homes with solar-plus-storage systems can continue to run their appliances even when there’s no sunlight.

In addition to this, solar power batteries are also effective to provide instant power backup in case of a power cut in your area.

What Makes a Solar Inverter Battery System a Wise Choice?

Whether you will be able to save money through solar power batteries depends on how your utility provider has compensated for your solar energy. In most cases, utility providers give complete net metering. This means that for every kilowatt-hour of energy produced by your solar panel, you earn credits in your electricity bill. This essentially means that you may not be able to make any direct savings by installing a solar inverter battery.

However, this doesn’t mean that getting a solar better system is not an economically wise decision. There are numerous situations in which a solar inverter battery can improve the cost of solar panels, making them more lucrative for your home or company. Solar batteries can help you in saving more if your utility works on a time-of-use basis.

To find a solar inverter battery system at an affordable price, you can get in touch with energy advisors of trusted brands such as Luminous. Luminous is one of the most reputed names in the industry that offer both Short and Tall Tubular solar batteries. Here are two series of Luminous batteries you can choose from.

  • L Series

The L Series from Luminous consists of C10 rated deep cycle batteries. These batteries are affordable and come with a warranty o 36 months and 60 months.

  • H Series

The H Series from Luminous consists of C10 rated deep cycle batteries. These batteries are affordable and come with a warranty of 60 months.

The best part about both these batteries is that they need minimal maintenance. Moreover, they only require a top-up once every 8 – 10 months. Since these batteries run on high-temperature efficiency functions, the batteries can effectively withstand harsh weather conditions.

So, if you’re on the lookout for good quality batteries for your solar power system, look no further than Luminous. Visit their website to know more.