A Visitor’s Guide to Dinner Spaces in Beverly Hills

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Dinner parties offer a chance for friends to meet and catch up, families to reunite, and just generally enjoy people’s company over good food and drinks. That’s why planning a dinner in advance is important — booking the right space can make or break the event.

We’ve put together a list of five unique dinner spaces in Beverly Hills that will give you the inspiration you need when planning your next dinner. 

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Top tips for planning a successful dinner

To make sure all your guests have a great meal, there are a few key decisions to make before you book the venue.

Have a headcount

It’s a bit difficult to do sometimes, but having an accurate count of who’s coming to dinner can make planning much less of a headache.

Asking guests to RSVP and mark down how many people they are bringing is important information to have when booking a dinner space.

Creating an event on social media is a great way to get a good headcount and find out how many will be attending or might be interested in attending. This will help you prevent any surprise guests.

Most dinner spaces do the food prep on-site so having extra guests isn’t a big deal. But for venues that cater or bring in food from outside, unexpected guests usually mean extra charges.

Plan a menu around your guests

It’s easy to forget when you’re picking a dinner space, but not everyone eats the same things. Add to that the fact that some people have different diets, food tolerance issues, and allergies, and picking the wrong venue may result in disaster.

Try to think about who you are inviting and any issues they may have with the food, or pick a venue that has a varied menu so that everyone is happy.

Take care of the kids

The last thing to remember is to have a space for the kids. If your guest list includes attendees of all ages, consider having a table set aside so that children will be entertained and fed while the adults dine together. Of course, if it’s an adult-only gathering, this is not a problem, but it’s always nice to show consideration when kids are involved.

Hopefully, with these key considerations in mind, your next dinner will be a rousing success.

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5 unique dinner spaces in Beverly Hills for an unforgettable dinner

Now that you know how to prepare for your party, it’s time to start scoping out dinner spaces in Beverly Hills. Here are a few of our top picks.

#1. Il Cielo Beverly Hills

If you’re looking for a classic Italian venue with sophistication and great food, then Il Cielo is the venue for you. The restaurant features private dining, a full-service bar, and authentic Italian cuisine for a fine dining experience like no other.

One of the key benefits of Il Cielo is its diverse menu options catering to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. This makes accommodating guests with dietary restrictions much easier and ensures everyone will have a meal that they’ll love.

#2. The Ivy

The Ivy is a bright and colorful space that offers traditional American food with cheerful flair. This is a great venue for a fun dinner, a late lunch, or just a great night out with family or friends.

The venue offers a diverse menu of classics like burgers, sandwiches, and crab cakes paired with custom cocktails and even an extensive wine list for those that love a good glass of wine with dinner. The Ivy also has vegetarian and vegan options for guests to enjoy as well.

#3. Nobu

Just down the road a bit in West Hollywood, Nobu offers traditional Japanese dishes as well as sushi in a cozy, lounge-like atmosphere. This is the perfect dinner space for a relaxed get-together with friends over some unique and authentic cuisine.

Nobu combines classic restaurant dining with the feel of a neighborhood bar for a unique and intimate experience. It’s great for large dinner parties or for just a few friends catching up over drinks and sushi, and your guests will leave well-fed and impressed.

#4. Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel

If you’re looking to give your guests the full Beverly Hills experience, look no further than the Polo Lounge. An iconic part of the Beverly Hills and Hollywood landscape, the Polo Lounge is a mix of elegance and sophistication and fun and whimsy.

The striking green and white candy-striped ceiling in the indoor dining room is offset by the lush greenery and vibrant colors of the outdoor patio space. The venue offers traditional American cuisine in an atmosphere that just screams old Hollywood. Your guests will remember a dinner here for a long time.

#5. Mastro’s Steakhouse

From hand-cut steaks to Alaskan king crab legs and handmade, delicious desserts, Mastro’s Steakhouse offers a menu and experience that is destined to leave your guests wanting more. This popular spot even offers gluten-free options for those will gluten tolerance issues.

This venue combines a rustic lodge look with a refined elegance that feels both at home in your local neighborhood steakhouse and like a taste of old Hollywood. The choice of steaks, along with the signature chocolate sin cake, will have everyone’s mouths watering and dying to come back.

A visitor’s guide to dining spaces in Beverly Hills: wrapping up

Picking the right eatery or dining space can seem like a hard thing to do. Hopefully you’ve seen from our list that there are lots of stellar options out there to have a great meal and show your guests a great time.

The next time you’re out searching for a place to gather and have food, consider one of the options we’ve listed here, or use them as inspiration to find your own unique dining space in Beverly Hills.