How A Well-Maintained Parking Lot Is Good For Business

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Most of us enter parking lots daily. But how often do we consider that the parking lot is usually kept clean? And why do companies make sure that is the case? 

It’s because a poorly-maintained parking lot can lead to many problems that affect a company’s bottom line. If you own a business, it’s vital to keep your parking lot in pristine condition. 

Parking Lot Maintenance Overview

What does parking lot maintenance entail? It includes treatments, repairs, and cleaning intended to prolong the surface’s life. Unfortunately, asphalt is used in most US parking lots and can experience damage and wear over time. 

Some of the methods used to keep a parking lot in good condition include: 

  • Cleaning and sweeping: Keeps the surface clear of debris and shows if repairs are required.
  • Sealing: Using sealant every year or two enhances longevity.
  • Filling cracks: Cracks in the surface allow water to penetrate, causing extensive damage.
  • Striping: Painted lines must be redone every few years to make them as visible as possible.
  • Repaving: Repaving is the only option when the pavement begins to break down. But it’s usually only needed every few years. 
  • Overlay: Removing the top layer and putting down new asphalt improves life at an affordable price. 

Now let’s explore the benefits of keeping your parking lot in good condition.

Public Safety 

The most significant benefit to hiring a pavement maintenance company to maintain and clean your parking lot is the improvement of public safety. Debris and garbage inevitably build up on the pavement surface over weeks that may lead to vehicle and pedestrian accidents. 

Most customers won’t want to do business with your firm if there is a mishap in the parking lot caused by poor maintenance. 

A common problem with poor maintenance is pooling water on the asphalt surface. If the drainage system isn’t cared for, it may clog and result in standing water. This is a dangerous problem for customers and also can damage the pavement. 

Also, accidents in your parking lot are an excellent way to be the defendant in a personal injury lawsuit. After all, one in five car accidents in the US happens in parking lots. 

All it takes is monthly or quarterly parking lot maintenance to keep everyone safe. 

Less Litter

When people see a clean, spotless parking lot, they usually don’t want to litter. Unfortunately, it’s common for us to litter where we already see trash lying around. 

This is why local governments often remind businesses to keep their parking lots clean.

Curb Appeal

Most companies know that curb appeal is essential. That’s why they spend money on landscaping and signage. However, some business owners don’t consider maintaining the parking lot. 

A parking lot isn’t just a place for someone to park their car. A well-maintained parking lot provides a more favorable impression to customers. How the space looks can swing the potential client to enter the business or turn around. 

A well-maintained parking lot suggests that the company is tidy and organized, suggesting it’s managed effectively.

A properly maintained parking lot has fresh, clear lines, lane markers, and crosswalks. Unfortunately, these tend to fade over time as sun, rain, and temperature changes take their toll. 

Keeping a parking lot clean and well-maintained over time leads to more business, better organization, an enhanced image, and fewer accidents. Contact a professional pavement maintenance company today to keep your parking lot in fantastic condition.