Things To Remember Before Choosing An Accommodation

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Things To Remember Before Choosing An Accommodation. The most common quest for all of us is the quality of life. The quality of life is decided by the quality of the surrounding because it affects everyone’s physical and mental health. Good quality is not just about a shiny room but it is also about the overall environment of the place where we stay. A healthy, safe and comfortable environment is the basic requirement of each individual because under the favorable environment a person can grow more and reach their fullest. Nowadays many young students, job seekers, and working personnel move towards the big cities and leave their native behind.

When we all stepped down to a new city the first question comes in our mind is where to stay. Finding a good hostel can be quite overwhelming. It is not advisable to leave such a decision at the last moment because not getting decent accommodation may create mental chaos.

For example, a student has a plan to move to a hostels in Anna Nagar, Chennai. Then the student must follow the few tips to get the best accommodation in the budget:

  • Get advice from friends and colleagues who are already staying in Chennai. This may help in evaluating the cost of living in Chennai.
  • Prefer a place near to the workplace.
  • For an affordable and positively reviewed accommodation, search on the rental website for the list of good hostels or PG. 
  • Check if they are asking for an unreasonable deposit amount.
  • Enquire in-depth about the hidden charge or brokerage charge required along with the accommodation actual rent.
  • Try to spend the initial week to explore the best long term options for accommodation.

The availability of some necessities must be enquired before occupying a new accommodation. Let’s see what are those:

  • Prefer alive, accessible and safe location even during late night hours rather than remote and controversial locality.
  • The norms for electricity charges must be made clear in the very first place.
  • They must offer three healthy and tasty meals at an affordable cost.
  • Enquire about the if continuity of water supply
  • There must be proper ventilation and cleanliness.
  • They must provide housekeeping and security.

Read all the terms and conditions twice and thrice before signing an agreement. Few hostels restrict the late-night entry and also limit the duration and frequency to meet your relatives and friends. Some hostel does not allow celebration and partying. If any terms are non-negotiable then it must be clear in the first place instead of engaging in misunderstanding and argument, at a later date.


Whether you can afford a moderate and simple accommodation or expensive accommodation which provides pool, gym, sports area, air-conditioned room, and free Wi-Fi, both kinds of users seek for a pleasant environment. Some fundamental requirements like a clean and spacious room, plenty of water, quality meal and lively location can never be compromised. By keeping the above discussion in your mind you would not only be able to find the best hostels in Anna Nagar, Chennai but anywhere else in the country.