All About Baby Handprint Keepsake Kit

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All About Baby Handprint Keepsake Kit. It has been heard a lot of times that it’s quite difficult to work with animals and children. But, the thing is babies grow up too quickly and you never find a time to create a stunning keepsake that could keep their adorable memories alive. This is why you need to take the help of a handprint ornament kit to cast your baby’s little hands and feet. The stunning baby casting kit will definitely help you out in cherishing the memories when the babies are older enough. 

Why Buy Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit 

KeaBabies have introduced the baby handprint and footprint kit for the parents to help them create memorable memories with their babies. Given below are some of the reasons why moms prefer to use the KeaBabies baby handprint and footprint clay kit- 

  • It helps in recording the valuable first memories of the baby. You can easily capture the tender fingers, toes in a premium clay with this easy to use, eco-friendly kit by KeaBabies. 
  • You don’t have to dirty your hands with this kit by your side. Be grateful to the non-toxic clay which is malleable and hassle-free. You’ll not have to do something inappropriate. The handmade kit is quite safe and non-toxic.
  • The best part is that it’s a multipurpose baby footprint frame that can be used as the pet paw print kit. You can also use to capture your baby’s little feet and fingers. 
  • It’s an adorable gift that’s suitable for the baby shower, father’s day, mother’s day, new moms, and so on. 

Make memorable moments with a baby handprint and footprint kit! 

Here are some of the tips on how you can use the amazing baby footprint ornament kit – 

  • Always purchase the good quality casting kits which come with detailed instructions and make sure that you read through all the instructions before you start the entire process. It’s very important to read all the instructions properly. 
  • If you’re not able to understand the instructions properly for the very first time, then you can also check out the videos prescribed by the seller. This will definitely give you a good insight into how to create life casts with your babies. Have all the materials with you. 
  • Babies are not very patient and they might play with all the things that you’ve kept for your usage. Keep them away from the reach of the babies. Also, when you’ve started working on the baby casting techniques, make sure to keep it on the fast setting so that the mould is made quickly.  Because the mould is the major thing that has to be well prepared and organized. 
  • The key thing is to make sure that the powder is aligned with the plaster. You must understand that the plaster must not be used to create a mould or aligned too far. Because the plaster has laser heats and it burns the skin. Make sure that everything is ready when the baby is all set to add an imprint to the cast. 

Check out the Keepsake Kit Tutorial

The baby handprint keepsake kit by KeaBabies is easy to use. Here’s how you can use it – 

  • Open it and cut out the year and birth letters.
  • Cut all the shapes in the form of a rectangle.
  • Line up all the letters in the mirror image of the letter holder. 
  • Place the paper mat on a flat base and prepare the working area. 
  • Line it up with an O ring with a dotted printed mat. 
  • Knead the clay to smoothen it well and carefully place the tiny ball of clay in the O ring with the dotted paper line mat. 
  • Use the straw hole punch to make a hole near the ring. 
  • Put the baby’s feet and hand impression after the clay is dry. 
  • You can also paint it or add ribbons when the clay is dry. 
  • Now, the baby handprint keepsake kit is all set to help you make memories. 

To briefly conclude, a baby casting kit is a unique baptism or christening gift or you might say one of the most thoughtful gifts for the family or someone you know. 

Happy Memorable Moments!