All the Nitty-Gritty To Be Successful in SEO 2020

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SEO is ever-changing. The strategies that used to work years ago (even two years) are no longer effective. Driving organic traffic needs more well-bred techniques. There have been several changes in the Google search algorithms that directly impacts each and every plan we implement. In this write-up, we have presented all the essential tips that can help you rank your website on google. You will also get to know the trends and new strategies that will rule SEO in 2020.

What’s in Store?

  1. Domain Authority 2.0
  2. Visual Search 
  3. Online Video 
  4. Voice Search 
  5. Featured Snippet
  6. Search Intent
  7. Organic CTR
  8. Backlinks remain the key

Domain Authority 2.0

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (also known as E-A-T) indicates Domain Authority 2.0. E-A-T has been one of the significant ranking factors of SEO for years. However, Moz implemented the newly updated Domain Authority metric on 5th March 2019. And Google takes it as the ranking signal. 

Here’s how you can step up your website’s E-A-T.

Are you a Content Pro?

Are you a content specialist? If not, it is advisable to hire an expert who will create your website’s content. A real and engaging content builds the reputation of the website by hooking the actual users. So, to rank your content in 2020, your website content must be one of its kind.

Are you Authoritative?

According to Google Quality Rater Guideline, a user spends a substantial amount of time evaluating the website itself. This aspect indicates that the users expect to have clear information about the company with a properly written “about” page and easily navigable “contact” page. The website must also put references and external links mentioning the sources. 

Are you Cited?

Every website talks about how good it is. But, can a user bank only on what the site says about itself? 

Not really!

But, what if you get reputable external sources to buy into your information? That’s when a user’s trustability increases. Your website needs to be cited on lots of other high authority websites. For example, if The Canberra Times mentions your website, that’s impressive!

Visual Search

Is Visual Search already a trend?

Still not!

But, if we hinge on the stats, it says a different story. The recent study of ViSenze, a company powering visual commerce for publishers and retailers, finds that 62% of Millenials and Generation Z want visual search effectiveness over any other technology. That’s the reason retails brands are launching Visual Search Tools.

Online Video

SEO in 2020

The year 2020 has already set its heart on online videos. The Visual Network Index, released by Cisco, figures that online video will account for nearly 80% of online traffic by 2021. Maybe you have observed that there have been more Video Featured Snippets in the Google search results. That’s how online video is in trend.

Voice Search

Voice Search is the future trend of digital marketing. One of the best selling product on Amazon is the Echo Dot. Well, voice search is mostly used for local search. The research company Gartner estimates that out of three searches, one will be done without a screen by 2020. The industry giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon have invested megabucks for this “no-touch” technology. 

Featured Snippet

SEO in 2020

It’s surely the time to optimize for the featured snippet. SEMrush estimates that nearly 11.52% of search results have a featured snippet. Webpages that rank on the first page for a keyword steal more than 99% of the Featured Snippets for that keyword. So, it’s a clear indication that you must focus on the keywords you already rank for. 

Search Intent

The Statista record reveals that in Australia, the smartphone penetration rate will be around 72.78% in 2020. That gives a clear vision of how search has become more valuable in Australia than ever before. Hence, now your website content must take more care of the user’s search intent. You may also have to re-optimize and update the old contents. 

Organic CTRs

There is no denying the fact that organic Click-Through-Rate (CTR) has been down. The apparent reason being Google’s Answer Boxes, Carousels, Ads and sections such as “People also ask”. So what you can do to get more CTRs. Check the list:

  • Your keyword is a must in your URL
  • Create compelling titles (use Emotion!)
  • Write meta descriptions for every page

Backlinks – Yes, still the Key!

SEO in 2020

Backlinks still remain an integral part of Google’s algorithm. Even in 2020, backlinks must be the foundation of any SEO strategy. You can build great white hat links with e-mail outreach. The most significant factor of link building is getting quality links. Some points to consider:

  • As already discussed in the write-up, the backlinks you earn must be from authoritative and trusted websites
  • The Link’s Anchor Text must include the target keyword 
  • Whichever website is linking to your site, that must be topically related to your site

Final Thoughts

I hope, now you have a clear understanding of how SEO will work in 2020. It’s time you build the SEO strategy for your business website. Yes, you have to consider a lot of factors. Why not hire the best Seo company in Sydney? The experts here will understand your business requirements and apply rigorous strategies to make your website visible to the customers.

Even if you are in Melbourne, you will get top-tier SEO services in Melbourne. Give your website to the right search engine marketing specialists to establish a strong customer base in your niche. Definitely, you will be amazed to measure your profit margin!