All you Need to Know about Teeth in a Day

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Back then, having your teeth replaced with dental implants was considered a lengthy process that took months to complete. Your dentist had to wait for your gums and jawbone to completely heal after the dental implant had been placed in your jaw. Nowadays, teeth replacement procedures have been made simpler with advanced teeth reconstructive methods such as Teeth in a Day. Teeth in a Day is one of the most reliable solutions to missing teeth, as it will help you restore your full, natural smile within one day. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about Houston teeth in a day.

What is Teeth in a Day?

Unlike dental implants that require you to spend long periods without teeth before the implants are placed, teeth in a day is an effective and straightforward dental process where your dentist will place a traditional easily-removable denture to replace the missing tooth. Once the denture has been placed, your dentist will adjust or replace it after restoring your natural smile. Teeth in a day have provided a modern treatment solution for people with missing or damaged teeth. With teeth in a day, you can have your missing tooth problem replaced with new implant-retained dentures in one day.

Before the Procedure

As you prepare for the actual procedure, your healthcare provider will use 3D imaging technology to assist with the accurate placement of the dentures. Once the imaging process is complete, your doctor will work closely with you to come up with a suitable placement of the removable implants in your jaw. After placement, a precise surgical plan will be created to remove any potential health risks that may occur during the installation of the implants. Your dentist will complete the preparation process by scheduling the day when you will have the actual procedure.

During Surgery

Unlike traditional dental implant procedures that can take up to nine months for the preparation process to be complete, teeth in a day is a straightforward procedure that requires minimal preparation time. During this process, your jawbone is prepared for the placement of the implant by placing any needed bone grafts and removing any teeth that may interfere with the installation process. For the first session, you will be given temporary dental restorations that will be attached to the implants. This will enable you to enjoy the benefits similar to having natural teeth as you wait for permanent restorations to be installed.

Benefits of the Teeth in a Day Procedure

Below are some of the advantages of considering the Teeth in a Day procedure to other traditional dental implant procedures:

·       Requires a single surgical procedure; this has a single recovery duration

·       Reduced number of doctor appointments

·       Notable and instant results such as restoring your normal teeth functioning and improving overall teeth appearance

·       Uses a personalized treatment approach to guarantee satisfactory results

·       The use of 3D CT imaging allows for better placement of the implants and lowers any risks involved during placement

·       Provides a long-lasting treatment solution for people with severe dental problems

·       Provides you with a natural tooth look and feel

·       The design of the implants makes them easy to maintain

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