Amazing Escapes: Best Escape Room Games in Boise Idaho

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Solving puzzles and playing break out games on your smartphone is fun and all but it cannot match the thrill of going on a real-life adventure where you are physically there trying to solve the greatest of mysteries. That is what a themed escape room all about. You go into the room, look for clues and mysteries leading up to a major plot and try to escape that room through a team effort.Amazing Escapes is a Boise Idaho based Escape Room Games Developer Company where we create innovative and ingenious escape room games for you. With a wide range of escape room challenges to choose from, you can make your games day as productive and as fun as possible.

We cover all sorts of events so it doesn’t matter whether it is a birthday party or a Bachelor(ette) party or even a random team building activity, you can book our Boise Idaho Escape room for that. We are sure that we’d have an escape room as per your requirement.

For birthday parties, you can let us know when you need an escape room and your general requirements for that and we’d make sure to accommodate your birthday plans. You can choose a package of your choice from our 3 and 4 hours packages. Similarly for team building activities or any kind of event, just let us know beforehand and we’d make sure to give you the best escape room games experience ever.

Why Book Amazing Escapes Boise Idaho Escape Room?

When it comes to designing an escape room, creativity and uniqueness is our top-most priority. That is what sets us apart from our competition. Most importantly, we love what we do. This allows us to put all our resources in designing the best escape room gaming experience just like you see in movies.

Our escape rooms are all about the thrill and building teamwork. It is not about winning or losing, our focus is on spreading happiness and satisfaction. That’s why most people who exit out this game have huge smiles on their faces which clearly shows that they had a time of their lives in there. Our escape rooms go beyond competition and promote a sense of trust and companionship which goes a long way even when you exit out the room.

Our Scope of Escape Room Services Include:

  • Birthday parties and Family Fun
  • Friends Reunions and Team Building Activities
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
  • Sports Team Celebrations
  • Random Challenges for Escape Room Enthusiasts

Our Escape Rooms Include:

  • The Titanic
  • The Demolition Abduction
  • The Box
  • Countdown to Terror etc.

If you are looking for the best and the most innovative escape rooms in Bose, Idaho then you are in the right place. Amazing Escapes have everything that might need when it comes to a Superb Escape Room. With a load of 5-star reviews from our amazing fans, we are the most popular Escape Room Developers in Boise, Idaho.

So, pick an escape room right now and get ready to have the time of your life. Contact us right now and become a part of our huge base of satisfied customers in Boise, Idaho.