5 Amazing Facts About Flowers

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5 Amazing Facts About Flowers. Have you always had a passion for flowers? Flowers are, indeed, the best thing in nature. Not only do they come in different shapes and colours, but also have a particular emotion attached to them. You can make a bouquet of the perfect flower to express your feelings for your loved ones, and it is truly one of the best ways to make memories. With these brilliant bouquets, send flowers to Italy. Get brilliant flowers for my wife services. Many people send birthday flowers to make the day unique for their beloved person, but at the same time, you can customize your flowers to celebrate any other occasions. At flora queen, you can not only personalize your bouquet with red flowers and more according to the preference of your loved one but also can send them across the globe for the perfect surprise. 


Tulips are delicate and intricate flowers that have a short lifespan of about 3 to 7 days. This flower has had an iconic place in history with people holding them as precious as gems and jewels. In fact, in the 17th century came a time where people considered tulip buds to be even costlier than gold. This flower expresses love, care, and immortality and is indeed a unique choice for a gift. Back in 1630, tulip frenzy was in motion in Western Europe which was called the “Tulip Mania” where tulip was even treated as a currency. 


Rose is probably the best flower known to man, and if you love flowers, you must understand that they are used in the expression of love, friendship, joy, and celebration. No matter where in the world you are, the significance of rose is universal in nature, and everybody is in awe of this flower. It comes in various colours, and each colour symbolizes different emotions. This makes them perfect for expressing feelings. This flower has been used to serve Goddess Isis during holy rituals. Not only so, in Ancient Greece, but roses were also known as sacred flowers that were used during funerals in the form of wreaths to beautify the tombstone. They are related to apples, raspberries, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears and almonds and rose hips which are the bud-like fruit structure of this flower, is very rich in Vitamin C and is used in making jams and jellies. 


Sunflower heads are said to be heliotropic in nature. Although this is a somewhat controversial ad, not everyone seems to believe this notion, but it is still thought that the sunflower head traces the movement of the sun. Sunflower is actually not a single flower but is made up of tiny flowers known as florets. In 1986, a man named M. Heijmf grew the biggest sunflower in history, which was as tall as 25′ 5.5″. Sunflower seeds are also of extreme importance as they are used in the production of oil, which is used for cooking. They are also used to make bouquets. 


Lotus is truly a mesmerizing flower that grows in ponds and lakes. In fact, without the presence of water, this flower withers and cannot even survive for more than an hour. They grow in rivers or wetlands and can even remain dormant for ages during a drought only to bloom again when the water comes back. This makes this flower genuinely unique. 


Angelica was known in ancient Europe to be of medicinal use and was used in curing anything and everything. Although this notion is not believed in anymore, they are still considered very pretty.