Amazing Photo Effects for All Your Needs Provide by Fotor-free Photo Editor

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Amazing Photo Effects. Most of us like the idea of ‘picture-perfect’ image. For this, we use different photo editors that are available in plenty these days. With each passing day, new photo editing software is introduced so that the users can give professional editing touch to an image. Other than uploading pictures on social media platforms, images are of great importance for the Ecommerce industry. To showcase products, a brand needs to use a high-quality image that is blemish-free.   

If you wish to get professional editing, Fotor is a free photo editor that can be considered as an excellent option to try. From basic editing of the image to add professional filters, Fotor does it all in just a few clicks. Below are mentioned some of the benefits of using this photo editing software. 

What are the benefits of using the tool for photo editing?

Different types of photo effects are available when using this software, and you can get professional touch with the image easily.

  • Enhance photo’s texture

Photo blurring can give a special touch to an image, and you can use it even if you do not know the techniques that a professional photographer uses. Using the above-said tool, it is easy to apply the blur effect on the image. You need to focus on the part of the image that you wish to blur. In this, one can get easy professional results by following some simple steps.  

  • Apply different blur effects

The application offers different blur effects and you can use it based on your needs. The three effects are ‘Title shift,’ ‘Linear’ and ‘Title-shift Brush.’ Depending on the effects, you can use the blur brush as per the dimension of the image which you wish to blur. So, based on your requirements, apply the interesting effects to make the image look amazing.  

  • Combine photo with text

Gone are the days when applying blur background on an image was only the forte of professional photographers. To highlight an object best in a frame, this photo effect is widely used and one of the best. With the help of the blur image tool in Fotor, it becomes easy to apply the effect in just clicks. But you need to place the blur tool in the correct position on the image to make it look like professionals. 

With the help of the blur tool, it is easy to soften the image and then focus on the image to blur it. While adding blur effects, you can add other images and text, making the original image look great with a professional touch.

Therefore, as already mentioned, if you wish to touch up images for social media promotions, it is important to use a top-quality image. With this, it would be easy to catch the attention of the target customers. The overall impact of the image should be alluring for the consumers. You can use both normal mode and the brush mode to apply a blur impact on the image.