Do You Know What Is An Amblyopic Eye Or Amblyopia?

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Do You Know What Is An Amblyopic Eye Or Amblyopia? An amblyopic eye is a disorder in which your vision is not clear. You will not be able to see things clearly. In most of the cases, only one eye is affected.

In other words, an amblyopic eye is a vision developing disorder. In this case, an eye fails to get normal vision even with the eyeglasses and contact lenses. This disorder is also known as lazy eye. It begins in early childhood or infancy.

Symptoms of Amblyopia

Amblyopia is a childhood disorder so its symptoms are not easy to discern. The common symptom of this disease is strabismus. If you notice that the child’s eyes are crossed or some other apparent eye misalignment, consult an eye specialist.

You can also identify this disorder by covering one eye of your child. If he/she is suffering from the disorder, the child will not be able to see properly and start crying or fusses. Lazy eye can only be treated if detected early. If left untreated, the lazy eye can cause several visual disabilities.

Every parent should take their child to an eye specialist for a checkup to ensure that their vision is clear and has no disabilities.

What are the causes of amblyopia?

There are three may causes of amblyopia including:

  • Strabismic Amblyopia: This is the most common cause of amblyopia. In this case, the brain ignores the visual input from the misaligned eye to avoid double vision. This leads to amblyopia in the misaligned eye.
  • Refractive Amblyopia: It is caused by the unequal refractive errors in two eyes. In this case, the brain relies on the eye that has a less uncorrected refractive error. The other eye becomes an amblyopic eye.
  • Deprivation Amblyopia: In this case, the amblyopia is caused by something that stops the light from entering and being focused on a baby’s eye.

Treatment of Amblyopia

The refractive amblyopia can be corrected by fully correcting the refractive errors in both eyes. This could be done with the help of glasses or aqua comfort plus contact lenses.

Strabismic amblyopia generally needs strabismus surgery to straighten the eyes along with eye patches and some visual therapy that will help both eyes work equally together.

Generally, the patches are recommended by the doctors for around 5-6 hours per day. This will help in improving the vision of your eye.

In case, your child is not comfortable with eye patches, you can also use atropine eye drops. One drop of atropine in the good eye will blur the vision for some time. It forces your child to focus on the amblyopic eye and strengthen it.


It is believed by the doctors, that the treatment of amblyopia should start at the early stage. If this disorder was ignored for a long time, the chances of treatment reduce. Therefore, parents should be more careful about the health of their child. Take your child to the eye specialists if you notice any kind of complications.

If the patient analyses this disorder after childhood, there are very fewer chances to overcome. So pay complete attention towards your child’s overall health. Ignorance can make your child suffer.