An Insight into the Medical Studies of Caribbean Medical College

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Becoming a doctor is a dream for many, but very few of us can make our way to some prestigious medical schools. It is a prestigious profession, and the aspirants who are willing to become a doctor have to face fierce competition in the market. Medical examinations are one of the toughest entrance examinations in the world. Therefore, cracking medical examinations are the hardest of all. A medical aspirant is required to have a high GPA and good score in the MCAT to secure admission in a medical school.

Secondly, the fees of some reputed medical colleges force us to give up on our dreams. However, students still have a way to fulfil their dream by studying medicine in the Caribbean. Click here to know how to join medicine in the Caribbean.

Why should one study medicine in the Caribbean?

Surrounded by the United States in the South, Mexico in the East and South America in the North, the Caribbean consists of coasts and islands. Not only this, but the Caribbean is also an attraction to many international students who wish to pursue medicine abroad. According to the prospective doctor, the Caribbean comprises around 60 medical schools. 

Why is the Caribbean a favourite destination among students to study medicine? 

A large chunk of students aspires to become a doctor as the doctors are treated as a God in our society. But, getting admission to a medical school is no cakewalk. There is stiff competition among students making it hard for students to secure a seat in medical schools. 

Subsequently, the Caribbean presents a golden opportunity to students who failed to secure admission to a medical school in the US, Canada, or any other country. 

A report published by the prospective doctor suggests that only 46 per cent of students got admission to medical schools in the US in 2011. The average GPA undergraduate is 3.5 for the students who desire to study medicine in the US medical schools.

A medical student in the Caribbean is required to score approximately 3.3 to 3.4 to get admission to prestigious medical schools.

An insight into the Caribbean Medical Colleges

Some of the top-ranked medical schools in the Caribbean equips students with the knowledge of treating patients and allows them to learn the methods of preventing disease. 

What are the benefits of studying medicine in Caribbean Medical Colleges?

Studying medicine in the Caribbean medical schools’ costs less than the medical schools in the US or Canada. A regular MD program in the best Caribbean Medical college’s costs around $16,075.

Students of the Caribbean medical schools also get a chance to visit hospitals and community clinics for advanced learning. Under the collaboration programs, medical students of these prestigious colleges gain the experience of actual medical institutions. They even get opportunities to tour with patients and reviewing the chart of patients with doctors and nurses. 

So, make your dream come true with the best education from experienced tutors in the prestigious colleges of the Caribbean. Apply for the course today!