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An Ultimate Guide for Buying a Perfect Lawn Mower

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Using the wrong lawn mower can be very disturbing due to extra operational efforts, and wasted resources. However, having the correct machine will definitely make the exercise pleasurable. The main challenge is selecting a lawn mower that matches the actual features of the yard. This article provides a list of the most common types of mowers and ideal conditions for each type.

Types of mowers

There are several types of lawn mowers designed to serve specific purposes. Below are a few types that are available.

  • Push mowers: They come in different sizes to match the size of the lawn. However, large-sized mowers require more energy to operate. They are best for flat yards. Popular brands include Honda Lawn Mower Kenya, Briggs and Stratton.
  • Cylinder mowers: They have cylindrically shaped blades located on the front side of the mower. They have several cutting blades and a box where grass collects while mowing. Cylinder mowers are limited to flat grounds.
  • Rotary mowers: they have a blade fitted below the mower where it rotates horizontally. It can be used to cut any type of grass. They are ideal for cutting long grass. Rotary mowers can have engines either operated by petrol, electric or battery.
  • Self-propelled mowers: this type of mowers can push itself as the operator simply walks behind it to ensure that it is on the right path. They are mainly used for larger yards.
  • Hover lawnmowers: They are ideal even for uneven surfaces because mowers are strategically fixed to hover above the ground for easier operation. They are usually electrically powered.
  • Ride-on mowers: the user rides on the more while mowing. They are relatively more expensive than other mowers.

Factors to consider before buying a lawn mower

The market has a wide range of lawn mowers. The specific choice of mower will depend on the size of field and its terrain.

Size of the lawn

Push mowers can be used for smaller lawns. For large lawns, ride-on mowers should be considered. However, large mowers need more time to more the yard to the desired appearance.

The mower size

Mowers with large deck are ideal for larger fields. They have long blades which needs a relatively large engine to operate. Consequently, such mowers are costly. However, the mowing time is short.

The mower’s speed

The speed of the mower is determined by its engine. High speed engines will spin the blades at a higher rate. Operators should ensure that the blades are always sharp. Similarly, the speed of the mower should match its engine specifications to avoid damaging the lawn. The table below shows mower type and its speed.

Size of the yard

Push mowers are ideal for yards that are less than an acre. Small yards require mowers with smaller deck. The cutting width in a single travel is also small.

Large mowers are best for larger yards because they provide easy visibility; it is easier to move around obstacles and on different landscapes. An example is a ride-on mower which is designed with large mowing decks. For larger yards, mowers are fitted on garden tractors.

Ground cover

The type of grass and other ground cover plants determines the horse power of the mower. Soft grass like couch grass requires mowers with little horsepower. On the other hand, thick grass that is hard to cut needs a mower with high horsepower to enable it to cut the grass as well as drive through it.

Power options

Majority of lawn mowers are either operated by petrol or electric powered. Petrol operated mowers are preferred for large fields because they are more powerful. However, they require more maintenance and produce smoke.

Electric mowers can be operated by a battery or from the mains electricity. However, corded mowers are limited to small yards while cordless mowers are expensive. Electrically powered mowers are environmentally friendly and require less maintenance. They are ideal for small to medium-sized fields.

To wrap up

A lawn mower that is best for a neighbor may not work for another person. The above factors can guide on to know what is best for them. Therefore, users should make a clear comparison between the type of lawn mower they wish to purchase and the actual features of their yards. Despite that, manufacturers guide should be taken into consideration.