6 Reasons To Learn Android Development

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Learn Android Development – Skilled developers are always in great demand. Software firms are ready to pay them the sky to get developed feature-rich and custom apps for their clients. Plus, the world has some 5 billion mobile users who’re browsing, accessing, and enjoying the web and apps. To ensure a better experience for them all, professionals with knowledge of coding, scripting, and programming languages are hired a lot these days.

To top it all, the Android platform is responsible for driving more than 75% of mobile devices which is just amazing, to say the least. Android is dominating the app market like no other fuelling in the process the demand for capable developers. So, if you’re a developer, this is surely the best time to learn Android development and add a new dimension to your career in the industry.

Here are some key reasons to learn Android development –     

The Most Popular Mobile OS 

Android is today the most popular mobile operating system (OS) in the world and that too, by a fair distance. More and more Android devices are getting activated every day and the popularity of this OS is refusing to abate. From apps to games, drones to tablets, everything is using and benefiting from it. In fact, Android’s open-source framework is also used to connecting or linking a large number of devices, apart from mobiles and tablets. Naturally, developers can learn Android development and contribute to the industry through app development. Your Android knowledge would help find a foothold in the job market easily.   

Open Source Code 

Android is an open-source operating system or framework which makes it extremely easy to use, code, and get done what you exactly want. Developers can tweak their codes and cater to their own specific purposes. More so, the learning curve for this OS is not steep and anyone can get hang of it easily and without much hassles. The best part, there are different versions of Android available in the market so developers will have a great deal of flexibility as well. With the use of this open-source framework growing at an amazing rate, it would be better for you to learn its ropes and add value to the development.    

A Super-easy Ecosystem In Place

Coding apps for Android is literally a walk in the park. It does not ask you to have any license or special equipment. You can create your apps and get it running on the Android system and take it to the world in a quick way. It takes just a simple download and you get started with this amazing platform. The only thing you need to focus on is to keep the apps compatible with various types of hardware. You can learn Android development and understand various aspects of this OS and platform (API, DRM, Kernel, etc.).    

Ever-growing Job Prospects 

Android developers are currently among the most sought-after tech professionals in the world. Software and IT companies are ready to pay anything to get trained and experienced developers for the Android platform. More brands are looking to jump into the mobile app bandwagon; custom apps are required by legacy companies to perform well in the market, and the popularity of games on Android is scaling new high day after day. Mobile app development services are now the need of the hour for enterprise software firms to boost their profit margins. Plus, freelancers with Android development skills are also in great demand.  

Benefit From Cross-Platform Compatibility 

Being open source is not the only reason why developers flock to Android. It’s though the most important reason but a lot of professionals also love this platform for its great cross-platform compatibility. This gives them a chance to do development research in collaboration with other platforms. When this happens, the score for Android developers goes high and their value in the market. Plus, developers can always make apps or work on updates to the OS itself. With certification training, professionals can learn about every version of Android like Lollipop, KitKat and get their apps to work across devices. This is how Android developers can enjoy the best of opportunities in the market and make their careers shine.     

Easy To Monetize Your Product

Unlike Android, most other mobile operating systems have a steeper and higher barrier to entry. Naturally, they want developers to price apps much higher so that they can get the revenue out of that. Worse still, getting an app approved on the Windows OS or iOS is never easy and it takes a lot of time. Android in comparison is simple – you can sell the app at a fixed price, run ads, and may publish the same apps to different markets with different prices. That’s why you should learn Android app development services and get desired value for your career as a developer.